29 days and 3 hours and then I relapsed

Now I feel so sad and mentally weak. So sad man


Don’t be discouraged man. Just remember that even if you fail, you don’t start back at day 1, you are building towards a bigger goal. Every day, week, or month is bringing you closer to that goal, and every hour or every urge you overcome is progress. Stick with it! We all fail, we all have hiccups in this journey, but its what you do with those hiccups is the important part. You can either be sad and disappointed, or you can pick yourself back up and try again and learn. Stay strong, stay focused! We can all do this and I know you can too! Stay strong man, best of luck on your journey! :muscle::muscle::slightly_smiling_face:


Bro it’s all right!
Don’t be hard on yourself…
Just be sure not to binge on porn and take a sound sleep!
And bounce back like a lion🔥
This time you have reached a month congrats for that!
That’s a big achievement!
Pat yourself for that!
Make sure they next steak is even bigger!


Thank you man . I really appreciate it


Thank you man . 8 really appreciate it. :pray: