[28M] Draco's diary

Day 7

i had really productive day

  • i was runnig
  • doing stuff for home
  • cooking
  • gym
  • stretching
  • and had some beers w friends

today was a good day :slight_smile:

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Day 8

My confidence is bigger and bigger everyday.

Also i have to say that i really improved my daily habbits.

Today i had my daily practice, played piano and i was in sauna -perfect day :).


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Keep going. I am glad to see you are making progress :blush:

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Day 9

i had really busy and productive day:

  • 2 times training plus gym
  • piano 20 mins
  • meditation

now im tired af but it was worth it


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Day 10

today after my practice and bike riding i had some relax, i watched a movie, had some yoga

i love my life :slight_smile:

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Day 11

Today i had a trip by train. I am little sick after some snacks at local store.
I feel bad but i think its because im tired.

Day 12

Today i finshed my season w great result.
Hard work pay off af.
It also motivate me to moreee ;)…

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Day 13

yestarday i had great trip by bike in my childhood neighborhood.

Memories are big power for me.

Ive also noticed that i dont think about p and i have more energy.


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Day 14

had a nice trip w friends

ive painted walls in my flat

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Day 16

I had a really busy day. Sometimes is hard to write it on time.

Ive noticed that i feel a lot of urges and i have to be careful.

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ive ended on day 20

yestarday i had relapsed :confused:

i know why…

last days i didnt posted on rewire and i fwlt too confident about myself

yestarday i felt but ill never give up (now i know that i have to write my posts more carrefully and that i still have an addiction


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Thank you. You remind myself. M also in the same streak as of today.More power to you. Come.back stronger :slight_smile: