[28]Adioz Diary

You can do it. Keep yourself busy, personally I keep myself busy with the important work that needs to be done regarding work or personal life.


Lesson I’ve to learn from my last Relapse: :point_down:

  1. Sleeping before 12am is must(No compromise).
  2. Mobile - i must block(by keep me out app) before 11:45pm.(No Unblocking by restarting mobile)
  3. Don’t sleep in tight clothes.
  4. No touching pvt. parts (especially in night) without any solid purpose(like pee). Not even when I have Morning woods.
  5. Edging must be “BIGG NO” in this journey.

"BIGG NO :x: for :point_down:

  • PMO- No edging/No just one Peek
  • Objectifying - within 5sec distract yourself.
  • Watching erotic content(intentionally)
  • S*xting (NO conversation which will increase your inner urge/trigger you)

I found it helpful for becoming more mindful. :person_in_lotus_position:

So I am sharing it here in my diary


I feel it’s helpful for me. So, I shared it here.

@ERNOL 's valuable Words_ :point_down:

Since it can be hard to be productive on bad day( feeling down, demotivated etc)
On those days i adopt “non zero day policy".

A zero day is when you don’t do the tasks you’ve set. (Therefore, unproductive day).

A “non zero day policy” is when you do your tasks even if the amount is small. Point here is to at least do the task. For example,

On a normal day, someone set his goal to exercise 30 minutes.
On bad day, even if he doesn’t want he decides to do 15 minutes exercise. (Therefore making it non zero day)
I consider “non zero day” to be productive day. Since he is still making progress/doing the task, never stopping.

It has 2 benefit: :point_down:

Your progress does not stop. It may have slowed down. But you are progressing. Progress builds up and makes achievement.
protect yourself from unproductivity. This technique ensures unproductivity has no way to make an entrance in your life even when you are vulnerable.


Day 5 Completed :white_check_mark:

One thing I want to remind myself about today’s day… :point_down:

Today was very very very Busy day for me.
Just Imagine if I was relapsing every single day like earlier.
Then I would be fired, out of the company.
Why company hire us?.. to do their work,… if I don’t have energy to do any work, then I am useless to them. right?
So, :smiley: :man_dancing:

Every single time I should be grateful–> for “Food”, I am eating, “Water”, I am drinking. “Health Body”, which helps me to do any work

By relapsing I am just throwing my energy out of my body and calling diseases to attack me(because my immunity power might get low)


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Day 4 completed
Badge: Settler
New badge about to unlock :closed_lock_with_key:

Now a days it’s easier to pass 3days, previously I stuck in relapse cycle of 2days. But I don’t deny that 1st day after relapse, I must be better careful, if I relapse then I will go back to previous cycle of relapse.
From last 3days I was experiencing some heat sensation down there. Which feels like I am having an urge. Sometimes I got confused.
But I won’t fap.and I won’t give up easily… I try to beat my old record of staying clean.

Kindly support me as much as you can.


I think when you are having urges, say to yourself and convince yourself that you have already done last pmo/peeking/edging session of your life and there is no going back now.


I just kept this to realize before I fall under any situation which will trigger me to reset my counter.


You’ve broken out of the cycle, brother. Don’t look back, there’s nothing for us there.


Definitely brother I won’t go back…
Thanks for your support brother @Forerunner


Glad to hear this brother! Keeping going, you’re doing great.


Day 5 Completed :heavy_check_mark: without peeking
Badge:- Peasant Unlocked :unlock:


Day 6 completed :heavy_check_mark:
Badge: Peasant (new badge will unlock :closed_lock_with_key: soon)

Today morning I woke up without any tiredness. Woke up 1hr before I wake up usually.
After waking up did time pass alot… And then started getting ready for office.
Here in office workload is little higher today than usual days. Because of Sunday(holiday for all).
Currently feeling little headache or stressed😖.
Btw all feelings are temporary it will pass away soon.

Need not to worry. Stay calm :relieved:


Day 7 Completed :heavy_check_mark: without peeking
Badge:- Commoner Unlocked :unlock:

As today I completed 7days I should experience some hike in libido but I didn’t feel any changes. It’s usual same energy. No bonner.
But yeah I had headache since yday till now but the intensity of pain is little decreased.

Yday I did workout for back and lats. Still have pains.


Day 8 Completed :heavy_check_mark: without peeking
Badge:- Commoner (new badge will unlock after 10days completion)

Yday I did too much work it feels like I am hell tired but when I came home sit for few minutes every feeling of tiredness is gone. I ate dinner and went to sleep. But I sleep again more than usual. It might be because I have week off today.
Anyhow I have see how my day will be. Hoping for the best :+1:



Day 9 Completed :heavy_check_mark: without peeking
Badge:- Commoner (new badge will unlock after 10days completion)

Today Morning I have completed 9days… After that I relapsed
as I asked some companions my brain tricked me every single time. I just got trapped.
In the middle of the morning and night my mind showed me just small trailer of (p*) but as soon as I realized that’s not reality I wake up and see the surrounding and I have cleared my doubt.
But I have taken this so easily, I thought I can handle if anything comes in the middle of the day.
While having shower my brain tricked me again. One question keep on poping inside my head that am I really getting better by doing nofap, because I didn’t find any benefits or changes. To check/confirm… I relapsed. Without watching p*.
But this time I got to know that 9days is easily achievable and changes are not visible but actually changes happening inside our body. Only i need to stop thinking about nofap and keep myself engage in some exciting work. And we should definitely have some goal which we look forward everyday to achieve.
Sometimes stress lead us to different path which we never thought about it.


Coming back to day 1 looks hard to me but it’s not impossible. Why is that because
my 1st relapse happened because of doubting on my progress,
second one is because my mind craves for pleasure(by fantasizing in dream) and I somehow directed to p sites(unintentionally)
And 3rd one was obvious my mistake… My mind was craving and I give in directly.

But this mistake won’t happen again



Day 1 completed :heavy_check_mark:
Badge: Prisoner :unlock: (new badge will unlock :closed_lock_with_key: soon)