(28/8/2022) [18M] coway's diary : Pilot

Hello everyone! My name is Coway, and this is my first entry. My nofap journey is off to a rocky start, but with NNN coming in the next few days, I’m determined to stop once and for all.

For some context, 12 y’o innocent me decides to look up some t**s on the internet (what unsupervised internet does to a mf), and I started fapping when I’m 13. Ever since then, I’ve embarrasingly jerked off at least once a day.

However, since entering college this year, I’ve decided to stop this bad habit. Plus, my chosen profession will very much use a lot of brain power, and I’d not like to be stupid. So, I looked up some apps and decided this app (the others are not free :sob:).

I started yesterday and managed to last a whole day until I did it again, twice. I forgot that the app have an urge button, and I couldn’t hold myself. Anyway, now I’m writing this journal to share with y’all.

What do you guys do when you have an urge? If you want, share your method and maybe give a few advice for a beginner like me who couldn’t hold it. Maybe also share some difficulties you guys faced during the beginning. Any help will be appreciated.

Coway out!


Try to avoid those words while writing journal.

Write like this t***es

Directly writing those words can be triggering to others.

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Exercise, if you can’t then start running till you feel exhausted. Meditate while analyzing your situation and thinking about the consequences. Never stay alone and if you can’t, then go outside. Take cold showers or play instruments. If you’re feeling lazy, then just watch a motivating video on YouTube.

Oh, damn I’m incredibly sorry. I’ll try to limit those words later :sweat_smile:

Hi coway, Im a beginner too, Currently i still Cant get long streak, my longest streak was only 8 days… Shortest one is 3…
Anyway, when i hv urges, I will try to calm myself down and take some deep breath. Im gradually strating this practice because i found that repression is useful in short terms only, sometimes repression even make the urges to return with stronger power. Acceptance is the key to deal with your inner thought. From my understanding, letting go your mind is to let your thought flow like water instead of confronting with them. It is not daydreaming, it is the way you act like an outsider watching the thought go away by itself. Dont make any comment on your thought, just acknowledge the existence of your mind will do.
This is one of the way i apply within my no fap journey, sometimes it works for me but sometimes not, because i havent master the skill yet. However, it might not work on you. Just hope this piece of advice would help you. Choosing which Solution to deal with urges is your, but i can tell you the more Solutions you have, the higher the chances you can defeat the urges. Im also a beginner, my words may not be correct though.
Anyway, Wish you good luck!