[27M] Draco's diary

Hello guys!
I want to share w you my daily achievements of nofap journey!
Main goal is no porn.
tommorow ill have my day one again :confused:
My longest strike was about 45 days.
Im doing it to my girlfriend because it helps me with our relationship and also for me to improve.
Sorry if my english is bad i preffer talkinkg than writing :slight_smile:
See you tommorow <3


Hello and welcome to the community!
Its ok, we all have failed at some point but the most important thing is to jump back and not get trapped in chaser effect.
And yeah! Dont worry much about your relationship, it will surely improve as you start getting rewired. All the problems you will be facing, like PE or ED or any other will vanish.
Just keep up the streak bro. I hope she will also be proud of you.

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2nd day was busy. I was on practice and i helped with new years party preparation.
I hadnt any urges. I had happy mood.
Happy new year!!!

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3rd day was 1st day of the year. I had big hangover and spend all day watching movies. Everyday i have more motivation and im more happy.

4th day.
Little urges in the morning, later i had run.
Ive also said โ€œnoโ€ to weed today and im proud of it.

5th day.
I had urges but i won against them with meditation and self control.
At this day i felt confidence in front of people.
Im also struggling because most of my friends are smoking weed and i dont want to do it.
Its really hard feeling that โ€œold timesโ€ has gone.
It makes little bit lonely and sad sometimes but thats the part of life.
Everyday im feeling stronger.

6th day.
Hard day with a lot of problems.
But later i made all what ive planned.

7th day.
Perfect day. Walk, meditation, practice on piano and sport.

8th day.
more benefits of no porn. Im happier :slight_smile:

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9th day.
I feel my body better. Im learning about mindfullness and it giving me so much benefits.

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10th day
it was tough day, ive lost my matches and i felt little depressed

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11th day
very nice day, ive been on walk (10km)
and spend all day w girlfriend

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12th day.
I had really hard training, i was really tired and depressed.
Later iโ€™ve cleaned my house,meditate, played piano and had a joga session.
Im suprised that im not thinking about p so much.
I like my new way of life where im present and im feeling the moment.

13th day.
A lot of work today, piano, meditation.

14th day.
another day full of activities.
Im happy that ive reached 2 weeks without p. :slight_smile:

15th day.
relapsed :confused:
tommorow day one again

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Donโ€™t worry you did a great job :fire::fire:. You can do better this time.