[27 M] Lyon's Diary

Hi, my name is Lyon. After 15 years of moderate porn use I decided to quit it and be a better man.


Day 23:
23 always has been my lucky number. I had really good dreams last night. Woke up with full of energy, happy thoughts and happy feelings. I did workout today and took a cold shower in freezing cold weather. No urge at all. I believe it’s gonna be a productive day.


Day 28:
I had a really bad dream last night. I saw I got drunk and relapsed. I felt bad in my dream.


Day 30
It’s a really big achievement for me. I am seeing significant improvements in my life. I am sleeping early at night and waking up early in the morning. Doing physical expercise, eating healthly. I can concenrate more on my work and study. Opposite gender is more attracted to me lately. I still get urges at times but I know how to stop them. I guess it’s normal and as a young man I am suppose to get urges.


Absolutely bro, urges are normal and everyone gets them; it’s what we choose to do afterwards that counts.

You’re doing great with these positive habits! Keep going strong on your journey to becoming a better man.

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Day 31
I had a night fall/wet dream last night. Didn’t had wet dreams in ages. I think this is a positive sign.

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