[26M] KarmaYogi's Diary - Fighting back PMO and its consequences..One battle at a time


Dear diary,

My determination to get rid of pmo is getting stronger.
Also, I have started doing yoga and meditation again. Today I tried my best to work hard as much as possible.

Day #3 hard mode
Day #3 of 730 monkmode


hmm… wait… if we write a diary, so will it shared automatically?


Finally I completed 1 week. I feel much lighter and quite relieved. I feel more confident and optimistic about my nofap journey. Today I sat and thought of my career … made a plan and even Studied for 3-4 hours. Hope with every coming day things will get better

Day#8 hardmode


Good bhai… Keep going.


Dear diary,

Started going to gym now. My daily routine now includes gym, yoga, meditation and studies. But I am not able to do it consistently. Next target it to get more disciplined and consistent with daily routine.
I am trying to make even gym more productive by listening to podcasts while doing cardio.

Day#10 hardmode


Dear Diary,

I am trying to make every day better. I got a cook to prepare my food. Also I adjusted my commute timings to save the time in traffic jams. This all gives me grossly 1.5-2 hours more to focus on the primary things, the things that really matter. Now I am entirely focused on my career and health.
Today I tried not to look a girl second time irrespective of however hot/sexy she is. I dont even care even if the most hottest girl passes beside me. This gives me a sense of self conquer. Those who are reading this, do give it a try.

Day#11 Hardmode


Today I drank with my colleagues. This robbed me of my 4-5 productive hours and my entire daily routine got messed up. I am trying to quit drinking as well now.

Day#12 hardmode


Dear diary,

I am still struggling to get things in order. I have committed a lot but I am hardly delivering anything. I am not even least consistent in yoga or gym or basically anything. God help me inculcate self discipline and help me become the karmayogi.

Day15# hardmode


Be the yogi not bhogi .


Dear Diary,

I am getting better at becoming more disciplined. Today I did almost everything that was on to do list.
My dream is to pursue MS from a top University in USA. I have started working towards my goal.

Day#24 Hardmode