[26M] KarmaYogi's Diary - Fighting back PMO and its consequences..One battle at a time


Dear Diary,

Life seems to have become full of troubles for me. Years of masturbating has taken a heavy toll on my body. I recently shared my concerns regarding the penis size. People assured me that the size was not as bad as I assumed and I can have a normal sex life. But this was just one of the several health issues I am facing.

My digestive system is messed up. I burp whole day. My stomach creates weird noises probably because of gas movements. It becomes embarrassing in the office during one-one meetings. During every meeting/presentation I am more concerned about my burps and stomach sounds than the agenda of meeting. Now even my colleagues have understood that I am having some stomach issues. Frustrated with all this I decided to meet the best doctor in Bangalore. He charged me 1k for consultation and took a blood test worth 10K. Including medicines the total cost comes to 1/3rd of my salary. This feels so bad to just spend such hard earned money like this.
Another issue is related to my hairs. They are falling as well as turning grey.
Including everything substantial portion of my salary is getting exhausted on my health issues.
Not to mention other issues like not able to concentrate, not able to work hard for my dreams, asocial personality, not having a good physique, no GF and the list goes on and on.

Thinking about all this makes me sad to the core but the only way out is to fight back every day. I will fight back till I win.

Today it was Saturday still woke up a bit early and worked for 5-6 hours. Tomorrow is Sunday but I will work even harder.


Keep going Brother …and write your diary everyday so that everyone can connect with you .


Dear Diary,

Today I tried to make myself better. I started a little early than other days and worked till noon. Stomach issues are as usual.
Even after being on a 25th day of nofap . I feel myself weak. I still sleep a lot . Not sure why ?
From tomorrow I am gonna follow strict routine of yoga and meditation… and hopefully things will start changing


Hey, I’ll be checking in to your daily stories. We are all here to help and give advice. Keep em’ coming.


Also, I strongly believe that in a life free from PMO everything is possible.

Hair loss problems are a thing a lot of men deal with, me too. It might bother you for some time but eventually you learn to just accept it. It’s part of life.

Physique is a thing you can work on with all the time not spend on PMO;) Might also improve your stomach issues.

A girlfriend will come but please do not be ashamed to start using a dating app, they can be very helpfull. Rejections are part of it but eventually you’ll find someone.

According to many reports I have read, concentration will improve after quitting PMO. I’m rooting for that to happen too.


Thanks a lot brother


Dear Diary,

Today was better. I tried hard to wake up early and do yoga. I was successful in getting up early. Stomach Issues are still as usual. Had to schedule a follow-up with doctor. Doctor went abroad and appointment has been fixed on 31st December evening. My new year celebration are screwed up. Today I worked hard almost 12 hours . Also today is my 28th day of hardmode… having said this it makes me feel proud… For a moment I tend to forget my health issues and hold my head high thanking God that at least somewhere I am getting little victories… Tomorrow will be better than today…


Dear Diary,

Had lots of work today that’s why got late to update. I am happy that I am becoming more hardworking. But my health show no signs of improvement.


Hi, concerning your stomach issues. Have you considered your diet? It might just be a thing that you eat/drink that causes it?

I know you probabily already googled this a lot, but still:


Thanks a lot brother. appreciate your help . Sadly, I have tried all these things before but nothing worked. I will share my stomach issue in details on a this weekend.
Thanks again for your concern.


Dear Diary,

Hell lot of work in office. Good that I am occupied with work bcoz I have no time to think of pmo. Rest everything remains still the same.


Dear Diary,

I am transforming myself into a hustler. My streak is good too, I am close to completing a month. My confidence level has surely gone up. But health worries continue to haunt me.


Dear diary,

I am elated as I am getting closer to my highest streak. Despite the health issues I feel way more confident now. I am trying to add one good habit at a time. From tomorrow I gonna start gym. And I plan to add a good habit every 15 days.
One thing I felt sorry for today is that several people relapsed. I pray to God that he bestows everyone with enough strength to fight this devil.



That’s fantastic! Good luck with your intentions. Make em true!

You need to stay strong when other people have failed, they will get back up again.

Btw what is your sharing code?


Thanks brother. Your responses to my diary keeps me motivated.
My sharing code thxmdu
I installed the app more than a week back. That’s why you will see counter around 10.


Dear Diary

Today marked an important day of my life. I always wanted to stay independent and alone. But because of the fear of fapping I prerefed to stay in hostel or room sharing. Today after 36 days of hard mode I could gather the confidence that I can stay aLone and not fap. I got my home changed. Now onwards I will stay alone and focus on improving myself without disturbing anyone or getting disturbed by anyone.

Day 37 Hard Mode


I have decided to lead a life of absolute celibacy for 2 years effective today.
Today everything was fine
Day 41 hard mode
Day 1 of 730 Monkmode


Dear Diary,

Today I learnt an important lesson. The lesson that once you start something you must accomplish it completely. Things should not be left in the middle. A minor procrastination would had cost me dearly in office today. Because of God’s grace my blunder got figured out just before the deployment and big incident got averted. Thanks to the Almighty for saving me today.

:pray::pray:Om namah shivay

Day 43 of hardmode
Day 3 of 730 monkmode


Dear diary,

I am back on this app. I was going well till 68 then suddenly once I relapsed and since then I have been never able to cross even 7 days. I have realised I am not gonna get rid of this addiction this way. I realised being away from the app is also one of the reasons I have less motivation for nofap.
Hence I have decided again to give my best shot this time and log into diary daily. My goals are to stay on hardmode for two years so that I achieve the goals and then go for soft mode.
Thanks @hellojaani @BoomerangNebula @ShivHanu @koylakhadan for trying to motivate me. As I am back on the app I see you people tagged me few times in different competitions. I appreciate this.
Day#2 hard mode.
Day#2 of 730 monkmode.


Great bro… Best of luck. :+1: