[26F] Rosalina's Storybook

Today is the day I decided to creating a diary for my journey.
Starting for today (my 2d streak at writing this thread). I’m beginning to write my every day daily basis against PMO.

Day 2
Today is the hard day. I just stumbled a “good site porn” that my fulfil my kinkiness. But I can hold my urge, even I already thinking ending my streak there, but with washing my feet, and taking my pee, my urge suddenly goes away.
Not only that, every time I about to do PMO, something bad really happen for me. For today, after I hold my urge, I just lost wallet (lmao) with sum of good money worth of my 4-days working hours (28 hours of work). First, I feel frustrated. I remember the site that I found. I even think about doing PMO just to get rid my frustration. But, I remember this forum. I remember this community. Not taking much time, I posted this first diary. I feel I can handle it today. Even losing money. Even having a bad day. Even having a stressful day. But in the end, I’m still hold my streak. Cheers


Hey @RosalinaValencia I know you can beat it…
You’re Stronger than you think :muscle:
Trust me community is there to help you whenever you need help. Just come here and read everyone’s experiences. You will get to know how badly they were addicted, now how their life has changed…! What changes they did in their life which transformed their lifestyle completely.

As you said all the wrong thing happening because of PMO, you lost your wallet…
What if you stop it completely?
If you did it … You can able to handle stress and frustration. I give you guarantee it will be little easier then right now.

Feel like a family member here…!
Hope you’ll fine soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the suggestion. Yes I can, Yes I can fight my urge


Little? No bro.
Everything becomes much much much much more easier when you leave PMO.

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Hope u will write this dairy regulary
Btw wheres day 1

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