[26 M] CENTURION'S Diary

Background: I’m tired of fapping to pixels and I need to get the life I had before I started fapping when I was 17 yo. I seriously miss those days when everything was so easy for me, I used to come first every year in my class and when girls used to look at me like I was some kind of a celebrity. I was a good looking guy.

Then things started changing for the worst when I started fapping. I almost lost everything including my respect, my charm, my attractiveness, discipline, health and a lot more. I don’t want to dig deeper.

I am starting my journey and I will tell everything to you guys about what happens to me. I just wanna shun this habit and get my lost life back. I will keep updating you guys about my progress and I just need your support. Comments and suggestions are most welcome. :pray:


Day 3: Today, when I went out, I could see a little low energy and low social presence. Started meditation. The first four days are the hardest imo.


Day 5: Going good. All I know is that today was better than yesterday. I have to focus more on studies. Today I got triggered by a movie scene. So, I immediately deleted that movie and turned off my laptop.