[25 M] YogifromSouth 200+ days, Ready to help you brothers

Thanks @SincereDev. :grinning::+1:

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Well, it’s Day 200.

It’s another milestone and I now feel that Nofap is not an achievement or a destination. It’s a lifestyle and an ongoing process. Every single day, as we achieve high levels of clarity, we refine our thoughts more and work on ourselves even more.

In Nofap journey we become powerful, and with greater Power comes greater responsibility, to handle this wonderful opportunity.
So the journey is on. :fire::fire::fire::fire:

If you need any help, message me on telegram- yogifromsouth.

Thanks brothers for your support. This journey is dedicated to all sincere fighters who never give up :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:inspite of repeated relapses. Wishing you all the best in your journey. :grinning:


Hi Brothers,
I just crossed 210 days. :grinning:
Hope you are all doing good. :+1: