[25 M] YogifromSouth 200+ days, Ready to help you brothers

Hi @pingpong1, Thanks for your post.
People keep asking me this.I have mentioned about this in my 101 Day post.
Below is the extract -

“”"“What people describe as benifits are all true. But I am least interested. The only thing that matters to me is how I have grown within myself. The greatest pat on the back you can get, is from yourself and that is PURE JOY. Rest are all fringe benifits.”"""


Keep going brother. Very nice. @yogifromsouth


Yess… self proud


Day 108. I am quite cool these days. I wish everyone to make it to 90 days atleast.

I have created a telegram group where l am sharing reall good stuff on Nofap and help our brothers.

If interested to join please DM me on telegram - yogifromsouth

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Day 109.
Life keeps rolling. After many days I opened instagram and yo…spent an hour. Definite traps present in them…hahaa.

Now, I thank myself that I have been away from insta crap for a long time. It’s just hunting us. Stay away from social apps brothers.


Day 110.
It now feels that I have properly entered 100-200 phase.It now means the journey has started and my duty is to ride this responsibly.

Today I indulged in eating sweet (chum chum, an indian sweet) , man it felt like the most pleasant thing ever. While I was delighting in eating that I thought, isn’t this so delicious that we need MO?
Surely we don’t need PMO ! , came the reply.

Delight in smaller pleasures of life and live happily forever.:blush::blush::blush::eight:


Day 112.
Slowly moving towards my 120 day/ 4 months.
My friend is on Day 18. 8 more days to go.

These days I am eating lot of sweets. Ofcourse I spend a lot of time learning on YouTube ,knowing things but I gaurd myself from the traps. That’s the way… Stay string brothers.:grinning:


Hey Yogi, could you share your daily routine?

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Brother Karma Yogi, I do yoga, meditation.

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Day 120 :grinning:

Thanks guys for your support.

We can’t be walking on two paths playing bluff games.We have a choice to pick- freedom or slavery.
I chose freedom.
And I make sure I choose it everyday.


Day 122
Last two days have been badly testing me.
So worse. I am kind of taking it easy
I must know that the evil gains power if we give it strength and allow it to enter our heads.
Hope I will be back in my usual fortified castle. :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:


You’ve come a long way brother, don’t go backwards now. I don’t want to see you lose your progress like I did.

Pick yourself up and get back to your disciplined positive habits. Forget the day count, this is a lifestyle. Freedom is only ours if we fight for it daily.


Yes Brother, that’s true. On what Day you lost your progress?


After 250 days. I was experiencing some depression and challenges in life, things didn’t go to plan, and going through a flatline. I stopped being disciplined, stopped my positive habits and went back to eating loads of junk food and binge watching Netflix.

That was the perfect environment for me to break my commitment to myself, and I made poor choices.

I started looking again at women in the streets, watching these modern sexualised music videos and movies and finally I decided to search for pornography and I watched some for a few minutes. That peek was enough to send me back into the addiction.

I reset my counter after peeking, but when I reached 45 days again, I made poor choices again and I had a full PMO relapse, and became a binge PMOer again. Through these decisions, I became an addict again. I went back to streaks like 21 days, 18 days, 21 days and when I relapsed I would binge and do PMO multiple times in a day. I became the complete opposite of the man I was just a few months before, and I was choosing so many self-destructive habits.

I know that when we’re feeling stress, anxiety and going through challenges in life, we want to take it easy on ourselves and leave our self-discipline. That is the time that we need it the MOST because we are vulnerable.

Whatever is going on in your life, continue your positive habits, find a healthy way to relieve stress and do not peek or touch your penis for a second. You have left that living hell behind you. Don’t choose to fall down, it’s never worth it. PMO is still garbage.

You’ve been to day 100 before, you know how hard it is to climb the mountain again. Do not look back.


Keep going brother @yogifromsouth, we all strongly believe and pray that this time you’ll conquer this addiction once and for all. You are a strong man bro.

Brother @Forerunner your posts and messages has been a real help to this whole community. I too, when I joined the forum the first posts that helped me a lot were yours that you uploaded when you reached 90 days, 180 days and also your diary. Sorry to hear that you went back to PMO but you are on a steady streak now. Keep going brother, once again thanks to you for all those inspiring posts and also the videos you uploaded in YouTube (I checked them out too).


Thanks a lot @Forerunner. Every single thing that you said resonates within me. It’s absolutely true.

It’s hard to climb back. Because nothing can buy time.

I am also contemplating on similar lines. What triggered was junk food.

But I will say that all the good work done so far will not be fruitless. It will come back stronger and defeat the weak forces. What is key here is enjoying the discipline of daily routine. Only that should help.

Thanks once again for specifically pointed answers. I wouldn’t let any of you down. :+1:


Hi @Tagore bro, glad to hear from you some positive words. Your good wishes will help us all. May you too conquer negative forces and be free.


Glad to hear it brother. You’re a success story, keep going. The story doesn’t end here, keep writing more wonderful chapters.

Thank you for your kind words brother. I’m glad to have been a part of your journey. Keep going and re-ignite the fires of your spirit daily.


Brothers, long time since i wrote in this post.
I am on Day 156. :blush:
How are you guys doing?
You can check my recent posts, to know about my journey.
Right now, it’s on cruise mode. I haven’t let anything take charge even when I was alone because I knew that toughest moments are there to test you and to establish your true position. I have passed that with ease.
Now I am waiting for Day 200. I know it’s just another milestone but I know that it psychologically puts one into a different zone.
November 20th I will be entering a new orbit :grinning: of 200 days.
Love to see your comments. Thanks​:pray::+1:


You are right alone moments are much crucial, it was where our test happen :+1:

Congratulations bro for your 150 days😊