[25 M] Neo: Reborn

Day 1 (dopamine detox)

Waked up at usual time today but today didn’t checked whatsapp and all… Just saw every thing in notification and nothing was important there. So I put phone down.

The whole day was not rhat much productive but still I did everything meaning full… Not waste of time.

There was a webinar on bhagwad gita today… so afternoon time was well spent there.

Mobile was causing some problem… My brain was telling me again and again to check my phone but there was nothing to do on my phone… only this rewire app is allowed… So today I checked this app 3…4… times but it was helpful…it kept me reminding about my goal.

I saw TV a little bit today… I will reduce these things tomorrow.

Overall it is a good start.


Day 2 (dopamine detox)

It was a very good start yesterday… I also went gym after so long.

I was following my time table.

But then I felt so sleepy in afternoon (due to heavy exercise in morning)… I slept for 3 hours instead of half hours nap(as per my plan).

Then I didn’t want to study… And that laziness continued. That sleep made things worse. I tried to stay away from mobile… But I had to try a new app to chat with gf(whatsapp making some issue for us)… I explored that app and detox thing broke…(now a days every app has that short video timeline… becos we all love to scroll that downa and waste our useful time)…Which made things worse slowly.

Night time… I was not sleepy… There was nothing to do… Then I start watching youtube (I should have listened music)… Then urges hit… ans shit happened.


Main culprit was that sleep in day time… Also when I promise something to myself and failed to do that then that feeling become more stronger and that determination thing in me become weaker.

I failed to wake up after 30 min nap…and that thing made me to behave carelessly…

Still… Day 2 was more productive than day 1… In half day I did a lot of work… no worries… It looks like this thing will work.


Day 3 (dopamine detox)

It was a good day… Followed dopamine detox 90 percent… But not so much productive day.


Day 4 (dopamine detox)

I went out after a long time… Didn’t had any junk food… I chose a cold coffee over cold drink… But in night I used youtube…

Day 5 (dopamine detox)

Did not followed Dopamine detox at all… Actually I had fight with GF…so there was a lot of stress and I didn’t want to relapse…So I use my mobile phome a lot.

BDW…I don’t have much to stop in dop detox thing… I do not use FB/INSTA etc already… I also not watch TV much… Sometimes when kids were watching something then I just sit for some time…

My only problem is youtube and chess and PMO.

Dpamine detox gives me a sense that I do not have to touch my phone.



Hey bro delete youtube from your phone. You can use pc to do that and use youtube only from computer.
I deleted chrome, youtube and everything from my phone and locked playstore using the stay focused app. It is the best app for controlling phone addiction; just pay 300 rupees and all features will be available. I locked playstore and gave password to mother. Now I don’t use phone at all except to check whatsapp once a day for official-university purposes.
Using internet through phone is distraction and time wastage. But through pc will be much more productive


Day 4 (NoFap)

Feeling good and Focused. Exercise helps a lot… Also now my focus on muscle building exercise videos or diet videos instead of some junk videos.

So overall time is utilised and not wasted.

I also analysed and got to know what was triggering me from past few days so much… I found it and I eliminated that too…just by making a small decision… Now I am having less urges. Now I have much clarity… But still brain craves for it sometimes so hard. But we all know…this is a never ending fight… Embrace urges and distract yourself

Don’t take dictation of mind… Give dictation to mind

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Warning: TRIGGER

I want to share something about this shit PMO… I had sex last week… Before having sex…I was thinking that after this I will not do PMO… Because from last year… My brain was giving a little excuse that I haven’t kissed/hug/etc my gf from 1.5 or 2 years. So I am having more urges to do PMO.

And obviously… Due to that plan of sex thing… I was able to hold a good streak as compared to previous 6 months.

We both enjoyed that day…we spent a quality time after so long… But then next day…those urges were sooo high…

I felt like I was not satisfied… It might be chaser.

Don’t know… exactly why it happened… it was just opposite of my expectations… Which bothered me very much.

I end up… Doing PMO 9 times in last 7 days… Can you believe this… Yesterday somehow… I did so many mew things… Made some changes etc… To motivate myself and to get out from that loop of PMO.

Guys…this shit is something else… This is worse…This addiction is different … This has no connection with sex… After sex… There is no regret… There is a feeling of love…bonding etc.

Enough now… I feel trapped sometimes. I know only solution is to be disciplined… Keep myself busy… do exercise meditation regularly… And keep fighting with endless urges…



Today… I started my day on time… Benefit of this is I am motivated to finish things in time and I remain on the track… But after having lunch…I stuck in my work… And then I didn’t want to do work… I took some rest and that’s where I went off track today… then I hit gym…then I met with one of my good friend… I felt quite good… Then I had dinner and then I worked a little bit again.

Tomorrow I will try to reduce the ise of youtube… And keep on track after lunch…

I also missed Meditation today.

Still it was a good day… Better than yesterday.

Good night guys.


I relapsed again today… This P** stuff is really worse… Those flashbacks don’t leave so easily.

First step to leave P**… I will target this… And try to target 7 days atleat without PMO.

I have to be consistent in these small things… Like updating this diary… Following small tasks etc.


Day 1

Today is very good and pure day… Becoz it is guru purnima today.

Today I tried to do my work and study… I started that…not that much but still. Etter than yesterday today… obviously these small changes can be seen on day 1 itself… If we observe very carefully… We are not that much low energy as we are on day 0…

I have felt this before… That power… It was different… I want to feek that again… But obviously it requires a lot of effort.

Whatever… I will do this… Today… Many times I got urges to see P** but I said to myself… NO…I am not going to see P**…I can waste my time watching TV or Playing chess or youtube…but NO P**

I know this will be over in 2…3… days… Then there will be direct urges to do MO.

I hit gym…and did my workout properly… Doing workout also helps a lot… It also increases our will power… Becoz when we set a fix number of reps… It requires strong will power to complete that much reps… And when we do it…it gives a very good feeling… I started loving that part.

From tomorrow… A very pure months is starting… month of SAVAN… It is for lord shiva… I pray for all of us…that we will come out from this addiction and achieve our goals…becoz we have that thing within us… Everyone have it… All the best to everyone here

Good night


Day 2

Total wasted day… Not studied a single hour… But whole day I was telling myself…I should study bla bla bla…but my focus is like limited to 15 minutes only…

Actually the thing is I ak habitual of studying in pressure… Like when I have deadline or exam etc…
But now there is no such deadline… (Short term deadline)… but I know this will effect me in long run.

Whatever…I am in the river now… If I don’t swim then I will be dead… Now I have to change myself…

Good thing is… I did not do PMO today…

Good night.

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Day 3

Today I make it super busy… Very little time wasted and that is also in the end of the day. 1 hour mobile used in extra stuff.

I could feel the Energy of this day 3 clearly in me… I worked out in gym like hell.

I didn’t study that much… But yeah studied more than last 5 or 6 days.

At night I was so tired that I fall asleepas I went to bed.

Learning: This night time is so crucial for many of us… Becoz in this time, we are alone mostly… amd also in a good position to do PMO… So Keep yourself busy… Do some physical exercise that make you tired… cold shower… also Do not sleep in day time… No urges in night… Or if we have urges, we don’t have to resist for that much time…becoz we will fall asleep… WORKED FOR ME.

All the best to everyone… Give your best every day.


Day 5

It was day 5 today… yesterday and today…not much work done but yeah… I was trying to be busy in some kind of work.

Today… One thing happened actually… And then I got triggeted… But I was trying to ignore it etc etc… But at the end I relapsed.

But No P***… I am not in any regret or bad feeling…its ok… I know this will not be done in one shot…

Only thing I have to remember now is to not relapse again before 5 days.

That I will make sure that I will take this streak beyond 5 days atleast.

Thanks God
All the best guys.



It never stop at 1… IDK why… I don’t feel any resistance…it was like urge is hitting me and I am doing it. I relapsed 2 times after that 1.

I don’t think… Chaser can hit me afyer 5 days streak… But it seems so…

Whatever but now I am done… Again I will fight… I will not give up.


Brother I was thinking same like chaser won’t hit me.
But at the same day when I relapse I did twice a day.
So don’t underestimate the power of urges(erotic thoughts) just stop using your Devices since you get 1st warning :warning: .
That’s how I made 2days clean. :point_up:
You can block your phone using Keep me out app(only for Android users). If you don’t need your phone for any type of browsing work.

I Believe in you… You can do It :fire: :fist:
And I am staying beside you. You can text me anytime whenever you need any support. I will be available ASAP.


Bro @neo_150 please delete this coment in my diary…I am updating my diary… I will add more pics about nofap…please don’t mind :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Adioz_aka_Adidas thanks bro.

@_TIGER … Deleted bro.