[25 M] Mikie's Journey

Woah Man!!!
You made it :sparkles:

All the Best For Further Endeavours…

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Day: 120
Rank: High King

Achieved yet another milestone in this journey. To be honest, going clean each day is an achievement in itself. It helps a lot to have gone too far with this.

Getting really busy in work helped me a lot in this journey.

Stay strong guys. This is totally worth it.

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Day: 150
Rank: Emperor

Arrived at one more checkpoint. Feels great.
Coping mechanism is getting stronger with each day.

I don’t feel the urges anymore. Any sadness does not lead to relapse.

PMO is not the way to find refuge from real life problems but, it is one of the problems. It is as if my mind has understood that once and for all.

Guys, try to find the solution and not procrastinate or go lazy on the problems. Never ever try to bring PMO as a way to distract and exhaust your mind.

Keep going!


Day: 180
Rank: Imperial Monarch

Achieved yet another milestone. Feels great. Felt some urges last night. But, held onto my willpower.

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Day: 0

Relapsed after 180 days. Becoming “Prisoner” after reaching title of “Imperial Monarch”.

Became prisoner to my thoughts and my mind. I thought that willpower alone shall take me far far off. But, no. It only gets you far enough, you have to make efforts to conserve the willpower and use less of it wherever possible.

One of the reasons for my relapse is use of social media where I came across some triggering content and have to use more of my willpower to keep myself from relapsing.

I have to make serious efforts again. Keep going guys. It’s very gloomy and dark out here.

Rise above and shine.


Social media led to my downfall after a 90+ day streak as well last year. I’ve come to believe I can’t have a carefree attitude when it comes to the internet, period.

I think a big part of recovery has to do with building responses over time to every situation so that it becomes second nature to move away the second a trigger comes.
Like a deer in the forest that hears a crack in the bushes. A second to process and a second to remove myself from the situation, leaving no seconds for the temptation to fester.

I suppose that sounds high strung, and I guess it will be at first, but I think over time it can actually become second nature and eventually something done on reflex without any willpower at all.

At least thats what I’m hoping for, still a long way to go…

Congrats on that streak @MikieS that kind of time away from the addiction has to have had numerous healthy effects that can’t be lost in a moment.


Day: 12
Rank: Freeman

All set for another big run.

Good luck to everyone else. Keep going and keep strong.


Day: 15
Rank: Swordsman

Reached 15 days mark. No urges so far. Maybe the last big streak showing its benefits.

Day: 18
Rank: Gentleman

Another checkpoint. Another achievement.

Climbing again.