[25 M] Mikie's Journey

Gentleman :grin:

Awesome Mikie, love the progress report! Keep going strong!


Great, keep going! :smiley:


Thanks guys. I find guys like you very inspiring and I learnt a lot.

@Forerunner @udaCisie @FlowForCourage


Day 21:
Rank: Defender

We all are defending ourselves from the triggering material that is always in attacking mode and to make us give in to the urges that follow as a result.

Just keeping my head cool and keeping myself busy in work.


21 day. Great :smiley:

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Day: 25
Rank: Knight

I feel more energetic now and calm at the same time. Learning to prioritize. Those tasks seem easier which once gave me chills.

Go on guys. Just stick with the plan. Something will turn up.


Day: 30 (One Month down) :muscle:
Rank: Imperial Knight

Currently feel like one. Going to make it BIG this time. I have everything under control so far.

Having a morning routine helps. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Wake up early.
  2. More energetic throughout the day.
  3. Work life balance feels right.
  4. Reading about financial management.
  5. Not busy, but productive at work.

Smile more, stay positive and stay strong all.:facepunch:


Day: 32

The days are now easy. Keeping busy is the best way to not fall for urges because you never have time to feel the urges.

Learn a lot of other things. Keep grasping new philosophies, new ideas and make your life better than yesterday. A little progress is still a progress than just thinking and doing nothing.

I’ve started reading again and started learning new things and it improves the life which is not visible at first but eventually it becomes evident and reflects in your mindset and behaviour.

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Day: 35
Rank: Army Commander

Feels great after reaching another milestone. It means a lot as gaining each badge motivates and prevents the relapse.

I’ve noticed a trend. First days are uncertain because we have that feeling of self doubt but, as we go along this journey, it becomes easier with every milestone and each added day.

Keep the good work up guys!
See you at the top.

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Day: 40
Rank: Champion

Reached 40 days mark. Feeling great after last relapse. It gives a emotional win over the negative emotions which are felt at the time of relapse.
Rising again with the new hope and under the new light. Introducing new habits, or hobbies helps a lot. Keeps us busy and doesn’t let the thoughts about PMO to enter the mind.

Be happy everyone.