25 Days Completed

I had completed 25 days of nofap. And 5 days are remain to complete my first target of 30 days and i start flapping when i was 10 year old. after 30 days my next target is to cross my previous streak of 45 days which was make 1.5 year before and after that I can’t completed 20 days . relapse after 45 days i relapse after 7 days 3 time a day and than relapse after 20 days 3-4 time a day after that my streak period began to reduce than I began to relapse after 7 days than 3 days than 2 days and regularly 3-4 times a day and sometimes i don’t relapse for 1 or 2 days after that i relapse 5-8 time a day beleave me 8 times a day .i even don’t want to do this but i think than was the chaser effect that urge me to do this many time.
And result is that I’m now 21 and I have no friends i don’t like to talk with anyone I have no interest in girls. when i talk to anyone i feel shame and not talk to him properly. i lose my weight but have fat in my body I seem weak but chest and belly fat did not reduce. now I want to overcome this problem and need help if anyone can share his whatsapp number because I am not use to this aap.
sorry for weak English


bro where are u from?india or pakistan?

Brother I’m from Pakistan

same here. add me as ur companion then we’ll help each other to get rid of this habbit. my sharing code: mgnnq9

Nice, Ramadhan is a great month to cash in free days.

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