(24 M) Samaranjay's New Diary

I am starting my streak again with this new diary and hopefully with God’s Grace, consistent efforts and support of all of my awesome friends here I will make it to infinity soon (figure of speech, I know life is finite).

To new beginnings :beers:

(Don’t get worked up over that emoji, I don’t drink, that’s apple juice in my mug)


Day 1

Study :white_check_mark:: 8 hours

Exercise :white_check_mark::
Warmup: Skipping (400), jogging (200 high kness, 200 butt kicks), 10 sprints around the hallway (about 100 steps)
Dumbbell and body weight training: Core, traps, forearms, abs, calves.
Cardio: 7 min Hiit

Morning Routine :white_check_mark::
Kriya yoga (includes surya namaskar, Ujjayi pranayam, Bhastrika pranayam, om chanting, sudarshan kriya pranayam, Shavasana)
Meditation (Honey meditation, then some prayer, and meditation practice taught by our local gurujii).
Affirmations, visualisation, Reading (Currently reading daily stoic regularly and also deep work irregularly)

Evening meditation :white_check_mark: (Sublimation/Transmutation exercise, some breathing, Normal meditation (noticing and letting my thoughts go))

Last night’s sleep: 1am-8:25am (+30 min nap in the day)

Last night Sitcom: 1 episode of Brooklyn 99 (Mentioning this because I like sitcoms but I end up binge watching sometimes, I’ll be avoiding that totally)

(Explained everything in detail because that’s my first post here, I will write all that in brief now on but format will be same, tick marked are my topmost priorities, hopefully I’ll be regular with them)

Now about my day:
After waking up, I freshened up, exercised, I had started 30 day workout series about 10 days back but then got busy and all so I have only done 3 days of it, hoping to stay consistent with it now on, also I left cardio series at day 8 a while ago so started it from day 9 today, after that practiced my morning routine. I felt so great after doing all that, I am grateful that I have developed such great habits over past months. Then I studied till brunch, played a little basketball in my courtyard afterwards, then studied a while, took a 30 min nap in the day. Then I studied till dinner with breaks in between, in breaks I did skateboarding and used RC in some. During dinner I watched a show on channel TLC, man that is an awesome channel, the show consisted of a realtor who shows beautiful properties to different people, my whole family gets invested in whatever show is on in that channel. Then I studied after dinner till 11. After that played trivia with @Ash_Matt and @GOVIND-19, we had a good chat too. It’s 12:51 am, I will meditate a bit and sleep after completing this post, my sleep schedule was pretty messed up so keeping a target of sleeping before 1 initially, will shift it earlier in a few days.
Overall a pretty great day.
A single setback can’t rob me off my life.


Bro the real trivia was me guessing Alan’s full name :joy: there were no clues there


True :joy:, it was for you, I already knew :joy:. I was just sitting there enjoying watching you try :joy:


Day 2

Study: 4 hours

Exercise :white_check_mark::
Warmup, stretching, workout: Day 4 of all 5 series. Cardio: Day 10 of the HIIT series.

Morning routine :white_check_mark:
Evening Meditation :white_check_mark:
(Both same as yesterday)

Last night’s sleep: 1am-8:15am, not great sleep took a lot of time to fall asleep, was disturbed by parents im the morning :sweat_smile:, +30 min day time nap.
Didn’t watch sitcom yesterday as I was already late.

Highlights of the day:
Welds of both the supports of my basketball ring have come out now, it’s unsafe to take it to a welder as covid situation is still bad here, I am just practicing some dribbling, nearby shots, and post moves.
I was feeling lazy in the evening probably because last night’s sleep wasn’t great, also it has suddenly gotten pretty hot here, my room is on first floor it is even hotter and I don’t even have a ceiling fan in my room :joy:, so I had to pull out our old table fan, it was dusty, I started it anyway and it was dust everywhere, also it started to make a wierd noise, so I opened it completely it was dirty af, cleaned it completely them I saw one of the screws im the fan which is used for balancing it was missing, that’s why the sound because of vibration, so I put a new bolt and screw there, now it is good as new, felt great after repairing and cleaning it, as my father says I am an engineer but I can’t do shit :joy:, what does he know that I chose myself to not do anything to save time for studying.
Also I talked to my friend who had some doubts in studies, while I was sitting there talking to him clearing his doubts like a pro, a wierd insect sat on my head, I threw it away but then my head and hand started smelling wierd :sweat_smile:, had to shampoo my hair at 11:30 pm :joy:.
Also I wasted some time in the day downloading friends reunion episode, it is 1hr 43 min :man_facepalming:, don’t know when I’ll find time to watch it. But I’m planning to watch it tomorrow, it’s 12:27 now, I’ll watch one episode B99 and sleep.
A good day overall.


Bro itni detail kon likhta hai :rofl:

Padho yr …acche se
26 ko tumhara hua aur 27 ko mera… Mai dusro ko motivate karte karte khud fail ho jata ho 0 points in study 🤦
I need to absorb study pressure and Don’t peek on the excuse for stress.
It’s my learning for today


Day 3

Study: 1.5 hrs :man_facepalming:
Exercise :white_check_mark: Next day of all 6 series.
Morning Routine :white_check_mark:
No evening meditation :sweat_smile:, will do that just before sleeping.
Last night watched 1 episode B99, slept form 1-8:25, but had to wake up once around 6 because my father switched off my fan, don’t know why :sweat_smile:.

From a few days a female dog and her puppies have been living just near by our house. My father picked one of the puppies from there, he is brown and fluffy so I named him teddy (I know I am supposed to use ‘it’ but don’t like that), We kept him right outside my room, in the balcony, it kept shouting all day for his family, so me, my sister and father kept going there to keep him company :sweat_smile:, but in the evening when he saw all the other dogs, his mom including our other dog (Jerry) playing outside things got out of control, we had to let him go and play, he is with his family now, we are thinking of bringing him to the balcony again tomorrow so that he becomes used to it. We already have a dog tho, but we are thinking of petting two dogs simultaneously now :joy:. Most of my day went around Teddy only hence less study :sweat_smile:. I will give my best tomorrow. Anyways, Now I’ll probably watch friends reunion or B99 and then sleep, I didn’t even take my daytime nap as Teddy kept shouting :sweat_smile:, Oh forgot to mention, I spent 1 hour in the day trying to get a vaccine slot but couldn’t book it :man_facepalming:, also we had potato and onion paranthas for dinner :sweat_smile:.
My net was messy had to type all that twice that’s why it’s not that orderly :sweat_smile:.


I’m so jealous of you right now!:sob::sob::sob::sob:

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You wanna make me cry now? Send it though. Everyone loves dogs.:pleading_face:
I’ll just go and watch Tunnel.

tenor (37)


I think it’s prevalent problem with indian parents :persevere:

Jab tumse 25 din pahle kaha tha tab tumne registration bhi nahi karaya tha…ab dekho kitna mushkil ho gya Koi nahi try karte raho aur koi bada city ho aaspaas waha se bhi try karna…shimla ya cg based jo pass ho ghar se

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My pet passed away on 6 april …:sob::sob::sob:
Missing her badly she was 15 yrs …

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Ok I didn’t know that…

Abhi aisa plan nahi kia hai… Maybe in future we decide

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I heard that BTS was also at the reunion . I didn’t watched it as I don’t know much about FRIENDS .


Goberzone ko mat batana nahi to uda dega views ke liye :joy: :rofl:

Finally a cringe behind bars :innocent:

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Bro… Gaurav zone… YouTube channel… Search it u will know… Waise it was waste of time to search about him :joy:

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Day 4

Study: 0.5 hours
Exercise :white_check_mark:: Warmup, stretching and day 12 of Hiit cardio series, no weight training.
Morning Routine :white_check_mark:
Evening Meditation :white_check_mark:
Last night’s sleep: I went to sleep at 1 but instead of 8:35 am I kept an alarm of 8:35 pm and woke up at 10:30 :man_facepalming:, hence no weight training as I was getting late, we have brunch around 12-12:30. Also took a 15 min nap in the day.

I think I had a nightfall, I don’t remember any dream but it was a little wet down there in the morning :sweat_smile: also I was feeling extremely down whole day, I spent time talking to friends a lot, called some and chatted with some. I had no mood at all to study today, the 0.5 hour is also kind of exaggerated, it was almost nil :sweat_smile:. Also our state electricity board has announced 4 Assistant Engineer posts for general category mechanical engineering, which I wasn’t expecting would be the case for a long time, and so I have to start reading GK again, I was focussing on just technical subjects from past 1 and a half months.
I also listened to a lot of music whole day, played with my dogs a bit, took my bike for a spin in the evening, also took a walk in the ground, ate maggi for dinner. Now I will watch friends reunion and then sleep.


Day 5

Study: 1 hour, failed badly, but tomorrow onwards extreme accountability challenge starts so min 4 hours required, feeling grateful for that challenge.
Exercise :white_check_mark:: Stretching, Dumbbell workout: Core, traps, forearms, obliques, calves
Morning Routine :white_check_mark:
Last night’s sleep: I watched friends reunion last night, I loved it, I would say it is a must watch for any friends fan, there were a lot of heartwarming a lot of surprise elements. I slept around 1:20, a failure, had to sleep by 1 but failed, So now as it has been 5 days, I am shifting sleeping time to 12:30 or anything before that. I woke up at 8:55 aiming to wake up before 8 tomorrow onwards.

Today was a rainy daily, I was feeling sleepy in the day, watched 1 ep B99, took a nap, then I baked a cake, It used to take me 1.5 hours because I had to prepare my own condensed milk but this time I decided to add sugared curd instead of condensed milk and it just took a 40 min in total also the cake tasted and looked exactly the same as before, but was a little softer which is a plus point. Apart form it I listened to a lot of songs in the day, after dinner me and my sister played a lot of trivia board game called league of quiz. Now I will watch some B99 and sleep. I will also start reading easy peasy hackbook again maybe today or tomorrow.


Day 6

Study: 4 hours, I calculated the number of video lectures remaining from the numerical based course that I am following, the course ends on 18th july, I ran some calculations and found out that if I watch 3 lectures everyday consistently then only I will be able to complete the course, so that will be my aim now on, to watch 3 lectures at least daily, each lecture is 60-90 minutes long and if I consider making notes and all so that makes it to 5 hours at least, adding go revision and all I would have to study around 7-8 hours consistently :sweat_smile:. It will require dedication but I know I can do it.

Exercise :white_check_mark:: Warmup, stretching, dumbell workout : Day 7 of all 5 series, no cardio.

Morning Routine :white_check_mark:
Evening Meditation :white_check_mark:

Last night’s sleep: Slept at 12:45 after watching one ep B99, woke up at 8:05, +20 min daytime nap, I will go to sleep by 12:30 today and wake up before 8

I switched my routine a bit, right after waking up, I freshened up then had milk and cereal, studied for 1 hr 45 min then did my exercise and morning routine.
In the day played a little bit basketball, watched one ep B99, took the bike for a spin in the evening, did some skateboarding.
I planned to study easy peasy and deep work but didn’t, now I am kind of feeling tired :sweat_smile:. I am planning to watch rango now, finally after 2-3 months of procrastinating on it :joy:. Then I’ll watch one ep B99 if time permits. Tomorrow I am in a study duel with @Dean_Ambrose and also me and my friend are starting our study bet again, so tomorrow I’ll be hitting long hours study :crossed_fingers:.


Bro, Taking Break from Studies for few days. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


on my birthday :joy: :grin: