[24 M] Reaching out, need help with confidence

Hey folks. I’m a 24 year old male college student. When I entered my twenties a few years ago, I was 5’10", 215, an obese BMI confirmed by the way I looked and the lazy, worthless lifestyle I lived.

I’ve changed. Today I weighed in at 153, I run 1 to 3 miles a day, complemented by strenuous body-weight workouts and a strict keto diet. I have my shit together. I cook every meal I eat, no more eating out. I’m writing three graphic novels, with pitches ready to go. My room’s clean, the dishes are done.

But I’m trapped. Something won’t allow me to view myself as attractive. Over twenty years of my life were spent as a slob, and that’s the self image I’m stuck with. I need help getting over this. I should feel like a badass, but I feel unfuckable.

Does anybody have any advice for how I can improve this aspect of myself?

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Be confident in yourself. Always keep a smile in your face. Speak with an open heart and mind. Never hesitate to say your opinion to your friends and others. Nothing is wrong with you, man.

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