[24 M] Nari's Diary. Just sharing my experiences in here

Day 0:

Now that I’m tired of PMO and experiencing the benefits both physically and mentally while doing no PMO i would like to lead my coming days in my life with noPMO Journey.

As this is my day 0 and after a bit of excessive PMO, I could feel a mild brain fog .

I would like to post my experiences, challenges and everything here.
I know there are many people who post their diaries here but I woukd like to post everything here as I want to be more accountable with myself.

I would be needing all your support and tips to wipe this PMO in my coming days buddies.


full support from us bro! :fire: :fire: :sunglasses:
you will be freed from this addiction soon!


Thank you buddy. Will get out from this addiction so soon

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Day 1: Everything is cool and my self-resistance is on peak today. I have few assignments to do so couldn’t feel any urges or thoughts

I have a habit to use mobile when pooping as i check my messages and instagram . As far as i know this is the time i might trigger to PMO.
Advice guys if i shouldn’t continue taking my mobile to washroom while pooping or even I take my mobile should i self resist myself not to do PMO

I don’t get network in my washroom. PMO not possible.:joy::joy:

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::sweat_smile:no more struggling to watch p

On my day 4 I have had urges to do PMO and the urges continued till the end of day 5.

Passing the urges is fine but I guess I got mood swings because of suddenly stopping PMO.

However things are good now and continuing with my journey

Its day 7. I don’t have any urges but did PMO. So disappointed with myself why i did.
I’m gonna comeback to the track now itself

Back to Day 0

Relapse at day 20.

It’s unfortunate why I allow myself to do MO.

But all I understand now is even touching your P unless you are peeing is very dangerous and also 18+ Netflix content is also one of the reason for the relapse.

As soon I did MO I have observed brain fog and a slight blurred vision.

All I will do now is overcoming the chaser effects, rectifying my mistakes and should not fall in the trap again.

But the changes I noticed during the NOFAP period within my body and my mind are fabulous and that is why I wish to get back to NOFAP.

Changes like: 1. Glowing skin
2. Increased concentration & confidence
3. Odour of sweat is changed
4. Noticeable difference in hair growth and loss
5. My aggressiveness is in control
6. Memory power is a bit better
7. Increase in motivation while doing physical.
exercises and a few more…

As failure is common sometimes all I have to do is learn from the insights of my mistakes and move ahead

Please help me with any other suggestions guys. It will be helpful to me in the long run

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