[24 M] Monty's Diary

Hit the reset button today after earning my 5 day badge. I was thinking about sex a little too much and I wanted to clear my head. I was also curious about what my mental state would be like afterwards.

It was interesting. I felt my confidence dissappear. As a 5’10" 155 lb daily jogger, I should have no insecurities about my weight. I looked in the mirror, and I felt fat. My brain thought about how so many of my friends had tons of sex in high school, and how I barely had any.

I’m happy to say that I have the presence of mind to understand that none of these feelings really matter, that this kind of thing is to be expected, and this is why I’m going to keep working on that streak. I need that extra testosterone to be the animal, the monster that I want to be. 7 day badge, get the fuck ready.