[24 M] Mikie's Journey

I have been going up and down with my streaks. Willpower works. Mostly my emotions get the better of me and cause me to slip at times.

Trying to get over it from 2 years. Now, I’ve invested in Rewire Companion and I think I’ll make it taking challenge for one day at a time.

There has been times when had known that I am going to blow up my streak but, something kept me from stopping myself. That tells a lot about me and my inability to control myself even when I knew it is going to hurt the next morning.

I am a working executive. Live away from my home. Only work is something which keeps me busy. I’ve spotted a pattern in my journey. I get back from work and feeling tired lay on my bed with my phone. While using my phone I come across some photo or video and which shakes my willpower and suddenly I am in a situation that I want to masturbate so badly that I could not stop myself from doing it.

Now I commit to myself that I won’t slip or relapse and continue till I forget such a thing exists.


This is Day 3 of my journey. I am thinking of improving my sleep schedule and shall try to wake up early and increase my water intake.


This is Day 6. So far so good. Never felt that much in control.
Kept busy by the work. Stayed up late for the night watching movie.

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Day 10, and I feel that I am in control. But, I remember how many times I said this thing to myself. I have made farther when I said positive things to myself than times when I said or felt other way.

Self appraising myself with positive feedback raise the chances of overcoming.

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Day 27: This feels more easy now as I progress in the journey. I practice mindfulness meditation and it helps dealing with thoughts and get back in control.

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Day 33:
Kept myself busy with the work. This feels more in control now than it was ever before. Been reading a book titled “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki. A great book on learning about money and to control the financial part of our lives.

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Day 41:
Posting my progress in public makes me pushing hard.
Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great book to learn money management and become financially literate.
Connecting with people also helps.

Day 49:
Huge urge tried to get the best of me and I showed it the way. It is now easy as I have made progress, as I have built up this thing somewhat bigger and blowing it off would hurt a lot as if it’s some kind of castle.
Going strong. It’s gonna be 50 days tomorrow. I am grateful and thankful to the community.

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You are discreet, your journal deserves more attention from the community :facepunch: :facepunch: :facepunch:


Thank you @FlowForCourage!
Anything that keeps me on track is fine.

Day 50:
Finally, I am at half century mark. I previously had a streak of 150+ days. But, I eventually gave up. I take this as a challenge to first get past the previous best and then beyond.

I read a lot of posts on this community and it gives me hope that everything is going to get better and better. It depends on the level of commitment and determination that I put into this journey. It’s all about constant learning and growing would eventually follow along.

Patience is the key.:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: