[23M] strongwillpower's Diary

Yes brother… writing diary will help you… idk about others… but for me…becoz of diary I feel sometimes( when I feel to give up) that I have to write in forum at night and there my companions who believe in me… I think about that and I back to my work again.


We are growing a nice community. I see in all you guys that you are taking this seriously and really want to change!! We got this, we will win!


Thanks @Tagore . Yes you should also start a diary. It really helps a lot as @neo_150 said.

Yes @anon15901281 we can win this. Together. Even if we loose, we’ll do that together.


Yes, brothers after coming in this app I learnt the value of having accountability. Its been years I have been struggling with porn. Everytime I decide this is the end of porn, but again I’ll go back to it. But after coming in this, and by having accountability Iam improving like anything and I didn’t relapsed after installing this app. Especially since we are fighting one of strongest of addiction, pmo, accountability is very important brothers. Its been 33 days. I thank its creator @Taher from the bottom of my heart. You are doing a great thing man, one of the best of things! I payed this app too. Keep it up man.


Day 10, 22hrs 40 mins

Woke up at 6 am sharp at alarm.
Studied in the morning but then i watched infinity war and endgame. After that i had no mood for studying. So it was a bad day for studying.

Had a morning boner, but i didn’t pay attention to it. Instead i focused on what i had to study and went for urinating. And the boner war gone.

Spent time with family instead of being on phone. And used phone only to chat with my gf and to read forum.

Overall an ok-ok day. Tomorrow I’ll not let this happen. I’ll study most of the time tomorrow.
Good night brothers and sisters!


Day 11, 19hrs 13 mins

Woke up 2 hours late today. But i covered the morning study part during the whole day.
I have sheduled Yoga routine that I’m going to follow from tomorrow morning. Today i studied with more concentration than any other day.(maybe it is because of nofap)

I had no urges today.
I want to discuss on this. Some people may think how come i don’t get any urges for a day.
My urge patterns are different.

Whenever i sit ideal, having nothing to do. I get urges in such condition.
Whenever i use phone for longer duration, then i feel upset that i wasted my time. I get urges in such condition.
Whenever there are exams on the next day, i get urges. (During Last year’s exam, i fapped before each and every paper, then i used to feel relief and then i used to start studing for the next paper.)

So during this streak, i have been completely using my day upto the fullest. Whenever i feel that im sitting ideal, i look for some work to do or sit for studying even that study time is not planned. So this is the reason why i dont get urges. Or some can say, i kill them before they come.

Today i watched only 1 video on YouTube. That was football related. Then i closed YouTube. Felt that i was falling in the YouTube trap. I instantly sat for studying.

I saw 2-3 of my companions relapsed today. It hurt me a lot. :pensive: I hope all of them will get back on track as soon as possible.
I’ll pray for all of them. :blush::muscle::heart:


Keep going dear brother. You are on the right path. This consistency is the most important thing.

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You are doing great brother… keep it up👍
Are you preparing for some exam brother? Like a competitive exam.

Why dont you try study challenge? It may help if you want consistency in study.

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No brother, these are my University theory exams.

And regarding study challenge, im already in a challenge with my old version, who was completely a different and lost person in video games, pubg and PMO.

I always think now, how i used to waste my time on PMO when it was the time for studying. This helps me being consistent.


Good brother… keep improving… if you can challenge yourself and take it seriously(in brain) then this is the greatest thing then you will become unstoppable.
This is my weakness… there is an inside challenger in me… who is a tough challenger for others but when it comes to challenge myself then that tough challenger goes away.

I am trying to improve it by doing tasks daily and try to not procrastinate in any thing.


Day 12, 18hrs 36mins

Woke up on time. Did yoga as scheduled. Because of that felt energetic during the whole day. Studied less today.

While chatting with my gf, i got a tempting boner cuz we were in the flashback of our private times. I dont her not to continue this topic and as soon as the topic changed, boner got distracted and got back to normal.

Was about to fall in the games trap. I was about to install the game which i used to play most and which destroyed my time the most. But then i thought about those destroyed times and ignored the game urge.

I never woke up early in the morning with so consistency, during this streak i made that possible too.


An amazing day! Don’t stop now, keep doing things. You’ll sleep very well!!


That is the ultimate goal of each day bro. Work so hard full day, that you sleep with a smile of satisfaction


This is one of the best things you did on this day brother. That’s how you grow. Saying no to those things that we don’t need in our life. Keep going like this man. A life with full of opportunities and possibilities is waiting for you.:+1:


Thanks a lot brother. It is all possible because of the unlimited support of you all guys and this community.


Day 13, 7 hrs 34 mins

Good morning guys,
Im really upset this morning. Because i had a sxx dream (but no nightfall luckily).

In the dream, i was thinking about this community, and i said to myself that who will know what i did. And so i started incognito and watched porn, i could see everything clearly and now that scene is not going away from my eyes. Also i woke up 2 hrs late today :sweat:

I fear that after 13 days of strong absistence, i may fail in this. I dont want to fail.


Help :- can anyone tell me again about what flatline is in brief.


Flatline is a period of the reboot. Flatline comes with many withdrawal symptoms. From no erections to depression. For some it is a nice period because they do not feel urges. For others is way bad because they feel they must try if his di** is working.

Whatever your situation may be, don’t underestimate the flatline.


Flatline differs from person to person dear brother. For me there is constant headache and mind block not allowing me to do anything else. But it’ll go away. This time will pass. All we have to do is stay there. Embrace the pain of flatline because its only due to our actions all these things came to our life. We invited porn and short term pleasure into our life, so we have to embrace the pain that gives too brother @strongwillpower . We are together man. We’ll reach the top together as well💪


Thank you guys, @Tagore @anon15901281

I’ve started to feel angry, upset about myself, irritated and depressed(about my life, career etc).


Don’t consider night dreams and its consequences(like wet pants) like a relapse. It’s not your decision what you dream about. It’s just your body coming back to normal and your hormones making rollercoaster. They are just some obstacles in your way to happy life. They may cause some physical changes like the fact you were sleeping for longer, feel weak, or having flatline. It’s just for few hours/days, it dissapears.

Don’t be afraid relapsing, don’t think about it. Behave like a brave man, like a man that you want to be and you’ll become one. Don’t think what to do to not fap, think about what you can do to become great. Build new habit. Change thinking about your relapses into thinking about your achievements. Think about how amazing it is to do yoga everyday as you do, about how much time you spent studying and knowledge you gained, about how you quitted pubg.

In my driving school they called it an eye fixation. If you drive a car and you look at a bike in front of you, you’ll definetely hit that bike. To avoid crash you need to look at the empty space next to the bike, so that you’ll drive into this empty space and pass safely next to the bike. Without crashing.
I guess it works the same with relapsing. Just don’t think about it.