[23M] strongwillpower's Diary

Hello guys! I’m taking a break from the forum for some time, see you all after few months. Have a good time here. Forum is a great place.


Welcome bro :grin::grin::grin: :fire::fire::fire::fire:

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Hello people! :blush:
How are you all?
I’m finally back after 4 months! As i said forum is a good place! We can never stay away from it.
Currently no plans about NoFap, just want to go through the streak days and let’s see when i land up.

Are my old companions still on the forum? DM me guys! I would love to have a talk with you after so many days!

Take care everyone!


Did you really relapse? I hope it’s just resetting streak as you’re back here :wink:

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@Hubinho yes bro… i really relapsed. Not just once but many times. My streak meter was going on because i had uninstalled the app.

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I believe in you. Stick to nofap basics and free yourself from pmo :wink:

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@Hubinho yes bro! Thanks for believing in me.

Yes… usually we consider that nothing will work the next time we fapp but we forget the basics everytime. I’ll try to remember all the basics that i used to follow when i first joined this forum. Thanks for inspiring !

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Hello people,
Day 1 of new streak completed.


I relapsed last night at 3’o clock

Trigger :- habitual feeling of fapping. It felt like it was a habit to be done. this happens with me many times.

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Did u fap to P or just did without it …

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I did it without p0rn this time. i know I’m hugely addicted to p0rn. Once i see those videos… i can’t control myself for next few days.

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Hello people, hello my diary,
I have completed 3 and half days of my new streak… i just got an urge now… the thumbnails of the p0rn website are just flashing infront of my eyes…

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Here i am, with my 10 second rule… i have practiced it on myself first, got the proper turn of events in it and i would like to present it infront of you all…

1st second :- you are hit by an urge.

2nd second :- your first step. Appreciate the urge and the serge of energy in your body.

3rd second :- hold this energy somewhere between, dont let it reach your fapping hand or towards your penis. Even if it goes, don’t worry, it’s just a matter of few seconds. Now it’s time to negotiate with the urge.

4th and 5th second :- while you’re holding the energy in you’re body, spot the triggering factor, what made you’re body to search for p0rn and do MO.

6th second :- now that you have regained some consciousness(from urge), think of your streak, think of your commitments towards you’re companions, think of you’re challenge/accountability groups.

7th second :- think of what if you fail to all of this and relapse.

8th second :- this is a crucial step wherein you have to decide between the 2 inevitables, the urge and second being your life. The former might seem very little infront of the latter and will try to flatter you that little harm can do nothing to this big life.

9th second :- now look at your life, reflect on it, how you have been suffering from this little thing which you consider that it will not harm your life and reflect it with you’re future. Let two possible futures run parallel, one with the life that you wanted to live and the other one with this little harmless one time thing (which has been repeating itself for so many years) look at your health, look at you’re childhood, how energetic you were and look at you now, and if this keeps happening, look at the possible health of your future self… (i know all this is not possible in one second, but by now you are almost in full consciousness.)

10th Second :- make a decision.
Yes, considering all this, i still want to fapp.
No , i would like to give my life a second chance.

11th second the bonus one,
the energy that you have been holding for so much time, which is cosmic… imagine what all great things/minor things which are great to your great life, you can achieve them all… now instead of moving this energy to your hand to fapp, move it to your brain, let it get converted into positive form and return back to your hands, with which you are about to do miracles ahead in your life. Yes! you a Super Hero of your own life!

Say bye bye to that urge now and tell it not to come soon… even if it comes you have your 10 seconds and you have the cosmic energy in your hands… either you make wonders with it, or break your dreams with it…

~by strongwillpower.


Hello people, hello diary…
Day 4 and half completed!
But my academic productivity is less.


I keep on coming and going away form the forum… i accept that i lost to this addiction for many times… i also accept that it’s inevitable… but i still choose the path of abstinence for as long as i can… by my experience, i can say that this PMO is inevitable… but we can surely change it from addiction to habit… and from habit to occasionally… and occasionally to rarely… the main aim is… to control…
And so im back again…


it’s ok bro. Don’t let fear of failure control you.

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What is your current streak man you are so inspiring

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Fear is not controlling me. I actually have no control over myself.

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I’m back to square one… so current streak =0

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No problem brother … someday … .somebody … always back to square .ONE… do you know that you even try it bro … trying is something that differentiate you from someone who even didn’t start.

Winners always have a failurre … have a struggle … have to work hard to get what you want … If everything is so easy to achieve than everybody in this world can do it …If you don’t have failure most probably you are not in a race itself.

To be suceed … you need to go through the process of failure … So you have to be proud on yourself that you got failure … because FAILURE IS THE STEPPING STONE OF SUCCESS.