[23M] Benny's Journal

A little backstory: I’ve been on rewire for a year and my longest streak is 26 days. I would love to complete 90 days by my 24th birthday in December. This addiction has already stolen so much from me, especially time and self esteem.

Yesterday I got to spend some time talking with the girl of my dreams. She’s one of my sister’s best friends but is moving to Detroit…kind of a far distance from my city of Chicago. Whether we end up vibing in the long-term future or not, I plan on seeing her in early June and I want to be the best possible version of myself by that time. this includes no pmo. I relapsed twice last night and I need to change up my habits.

instead of drooling over Instagram models, I wanna transform into someone that those models would drool over! I’m focused on getting better every day:

Physically :muscle: Taking care of my body
Mentally :bulb: Nourishing the mind (reading)
Spiritually :pray: Meditation, Prayer, Bible
Financially :money_with_wings: Working & spending wisely
Emotionally :heart: Awareness & Self-Control
Musically :notes: Drumming my A$$ off

Anything else I should keep focusing on? Any advice for Self-Control in the night-time?