[23 M] Robbin's addiction diary

I start this diary with a lot of pain. I have suffered a lot from this addiction and I am still struggling with it. It’s midnight for me and all that I kept doing throughout was watching porn. I have to get up to work tomorrow and I feel shameful thinking how irresponsible I am…

I am still not able to sleep now and I don’t know how am I gonna face tomorrow. I wish I could reverse time and change my life…
But I guess once lost time would never be returned. This technology is double edged sword, but I feel it cuts deeper than it helps for weak minded people like me. It’s 2:38 AM as of now. I need to catch some sleep…

Browse “apk bloquerX premium” download it, add to de black list all words you used to use to browse porn and fetishes. And never uninstall this app. It really helps. You can aslo turn off your phone or computer when you feel horny

Try to not feel shameful, because that leads to anxiety. And anxiety leads to urges which leads to relapses. It is a whole cycle.

I’ve gone to work with like 4 hours of sleep because I was watching porn till like 3 am and I wake up at 7 am.

Don’t beat yourself up!
We’ve all been there!