[23 M] HearthAfire's Diary


I am kinda new here, by new i mean newly active :slight_smile: Cus i was here long ago but just too shy to do posts here :slight_smile:
Little about me,
Started addiction from about 12 years old~ till now. About 6 years back i was in deep pain, nobody liked me in school, no one was giving me any atention, i was desperate, no girls/man’s friends wanted to be with me, soon after few years, i found about nofap, but didint had any interest in it. Didint had any hobbies, nor interests in anything. About 3 years back from now, i came back noticing you all :slight_smile: I started noticing nofap comunnity more and more. Started researching this bit by bit. Tried few times to get 90days streak but unfortunately, it was unsuccessfull. I did like one year pause and started again…
Most of the time i was here just waching other’s how theyr’e doing this, saw much fails, saw much successfull streaks. Year from now got some more in depth knowledge how PMO destroyed me :frowning: Started Nofap AGAIN, bit by bit 10 days by 10 days, some times more some times less, i started to feel theese kind of positive things of nofap. Soon started to get relapses only once every month or so… Month ago after reading some books from yourbrainonporn, waching podcasts, and researching more, i started to Meditate every day - every morning do pushups, situps, crouch-ups, 3 times a week plank, and cardio, started going socialising like 3-4 times/week, got some dancing lessons. Started to do lots lots lost of activities. Like others community members would say, i got busy myself :slight_smile:
And now, i really really starting to notice changes in myself, now i am more interested in my emotional growth, i am smiling every day to everyone and some times (“every day more often”) geting nice smiles back :slight_smile: Girls started to really notice me :slight_smile: Bit by bit i am feeling that my hearth is filling up warm feelings again, and now i can share those feelings with everyone :slight_smile:
Now as day passes i want to somehow inspire others who have PMO addiction.
Would be nice if you dont spam this :smiley: If we want chat or something would be cool to have other topic for all spam, so other members who feel unmotivated could read this, and if they want or need - take some hope from this post.
Dont know if i will fill this topic every day, but i will try write weekly about my weeks - some times more often some times less.
And pls dont judge me for my english and my story, i am writing this from my hearth :slight_smile:

I will edit this post, cauntless times maybe filling more detailed information maybe more structured.

Thing’s that inspired me (Will fill this bit by bit, dont remember all of the posts but when i will find it again i will put it here) (And i dont own this, this is created by special people that made hudge inpact on my life)

WARNING!!! dont open link!!! if you’re feeling you can relapse easily




40th day of my journey, feeling strong, feeling healthy, feeling more motivated and willing to work more with myself :slight_smile:
Guys, stay strong!


Sounds like you’re doing a really great job, keep it up! Thanks also for the link you posted above, I found it really helpful.

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