[23 M] Diary of LeapOfFaith

It’s my 1 day streak once again. Every time I relapse, I decide that I won’t ever repeat it. But some how I end up doing it.
But I ain’t losing hope. I know I can achieve better things, I know I can have better control on my own brain, I know I can be a better person.

So here I go, getting up once again after the fall. Life is all about keep moving forward no matter how hard we fall.

1st days are always easy to go by for me. So was it.
I’ll try to keep writing each day. Not for others, but for my own self.

May God blesses us all :slight_smile:


Unconciously this thought of Not Relapsing is making you Relapse.
How ?

By saying i will not relapse… you will always be connected with the world Relapse.

Focus on the destiny where you want to reach…
Dont look back.


Stand strong on the ground brother. The game is on! :muscle: