[22M] strongwillpower's Diary

Day 5, 8hrs 1 min.

Guys i had my first nightfall of this streak. I dont know when that happened. I saw my pant while brushing my teeth.

I want to mention this, for the past 4 nights, i never had a dream related to sxx. Not a single one.

Last night’s dream.guys you’ll not believe this, :joy:
A girl(random one. I dont know who she was) was trying to grab my arm and i was like “go away, leave my arm” lol .
I’m happy about it.

Followed last night’s rewiring. Didn’t used phone after waking up. Did excercises for the first time in this streak.


Keep going man. I see you know what to do and just stick to it. Just few more times force yourself for working out and after a week you’ll do it just as normal habit.


Day 6, 8hrs 34 mins

As i mentioned in a post few days ago. Today is the Day, 13th May. I uninstalled the game(pubg) that i play the most. Now this forum is for both fap addiction and pubg addiction for me.

Today I’ll spend my day in reading the book by Mr Gaur Gopal Das - Life’s Amazing Secrets

I didn’t exercised today because i learnt from a video that we should do that on alternate days.

No new urges. Last night i stopped myself from watching tempting videos on youtube.

I need an advice:- can anyone tell me any tips for waking up early without procrastination. I usually do that.


He also asked same question indirectly, :point_up:

I read that we should give ourselves rating (1 to 10) for waking up early, :point_down:

we should do some activity which gives you Motivation which will last long for the day. You’ll ask how?
There are plenty of habits which we can do

  1. Listening calm instrumental music and do Meditation
  2. Think(in the night before going to sleep) what you gonna do cook(delicious food :yum:) in breakfast.
    Once you think about reward you will get in the morning your mind automatically wakes you up before waking up time…

Note: don’t hit snooze button, and alarm clock/mobile must be far from the bed, so that you should wake up to stop the alarm.

You can read this amazing posted by a guy


Thank you @anon1074209 that was really helpful!


Day 6, 17 hrs

Damn i messed up today’s schedule. From morning after having breakfast till evening tea. I was continuously on youtube. Watching movie clips, stand-up comedy.
I haven’t touched the book from morning.
I’ve made a time table for studying from tmrw. Im gonna wake up at 6 am tmrw and would start the day with a good vibe.
Its evening now. And i thought of typing in the diary and keep my phone away till night.
I hope from tmrw I’ll lead back to my studies and focus on my career.
I’ve started to drink cold milk 2 times a day.
Milk is a good source to increase sperm count.
No new urges today. One random boner. Didn’t paid attention to it.


Day 6, 22hrs 9 mins

YouTube is eating a lot of my time. (I watch good videos like - "10 mysterious things… " Etc )

Sleeping 1hr early than my regular routine. Gonna wake up at 6 am tomorrow.

I’ve made a playlist of some pump up songs like ‘the hall of fame’ (if anyone here not familiar with it, listen it once) for tomorrow morning. I’ll listen to them while brushing and having my milk and then I’ll sit for studying.

:crossed_fingers:hope this goes as planned.


Day 7, 8hrs 23 mins

Everything went good in the morning.
I woke up 1 min before my alarm rang. that is at 5:59 am
I studied. But since after that im completely drowsing into sleep.
I could never wake up early in the morning. Even if i did, it would be only for few days. Because the morning goes well but the entire day i feel sleepy.

I need to change my schedule according to my exam time table.
Urges are not so much attracting to me now. Dont know what will happen when the flatline will hit me.


Im not changing my schedule. Im sticking to this new one. At first i will have bad times with sleeping but eventually I’ll get used to it.

With 7 days into NoFap, i can feel less pain and cramps in my legs.
Earlier after fapping, i used to feel intense weakness in my legs. The pain is gone now.


Day 7, 19hrs 30 mins.

It was overall okay day.
I almost fall into my bad habit of porn watching.
I got the urge because i was not able to handle my today’s study.
But then i remember how bad this diary entry would look if i did the sin. Therefore kept the urge aside.
Not studied upto the mark today. YouTube took my afternoon.


Great man! I see today was a day of urges hahaha. I’m glad to see you didn’t fall. We got this! Keep going, you got this!!!


@anon15901281 yaa man! After 7 days first real urge to watch porn.
I think i made the urge last for only 5 seconds.
Yeaah…we got this buddy!

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Day 8, 9hrs 28mins

Last night i slept 20 mins late. I thought i would wake up late today morning. But i was suprised. I woke you 15 mins earlier today.

I want to share a story i recently observed with myself.

Whenever i fapped i used to feel intense pain in legs and my calf muscles, sometimes I couldn’t bare to stand for long time.
For past 8 days im on NoFap strictly. And for the past 3-4 days i was also not studying at all(thats because i was sorting out my thoughts and making my schedule)
Yesterday i sat for studying and after that, once when i was done, i got up and after sometime i could feel the exact same pain in my legs. I realized it was because of the big writing board which i kept on my lap during the whole time of studying.

The point here that i would like to highlight is, this was the effect of 8 years of fapping on my legs. My legs couldn’t even hold the writing board for longer duration. 8 years of fapping has caused this to my body.
Now think how bad fapping is.
After reading this, if you guys find same sort of correlation in your life, you are free to share and write down below.

Dont fap guys. It really hurts some or the other day. It can even cause permanent damage to your body.
No matter what your age is, keep habit of drinking milk. Milk is the best source to nourish our body, to gain back our lost resources.


Pain is temporary, you’ll get stronger my budd!!


Day 8, 21hrs 13mins

It was overall a good day. Woke up before than alarm. Studied for 5 and half hours. But the target wss 7 hours. Missed the last session of studying which was at 10:30pm to 12:00pm. Got exhausted by the end of the day.

No urges today. But i stared at some b** bs while watching tv. I regretted that. After that i almost opened incognito tab to search for some b** bs images. I thought i would not mention it in the forum but before opening i almost felt cheating you guys and myself. So i didn’t opened the incognito. instead of that i just closed it and threw the phone away.
No random boners today.


That’s how you do it man!! Do not give up to your temptations. Your will power is growing stronger each day you abstain. Keep going buddy, you are doing awesome!!!

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Day 9, 19hrs 19 mins

Last night before sleeping, i had a huge urge of watching porn. I gave up all hopes. But then i messaged some of my companions here and i straight away went to sleep.

Today morning i read all the replies and felt good and confident. Thank you guys.

So about today,
Woke up at the right time on alarm. Studied for 5 and half hours today. Did exercises and stretching in the morning. Overall it was a good day.

So urges yesterday night but no urges today.
I thought about yesterday’s urge and felt good that I didnt fell in the trap.


That’s how you do it man! I see you are not giving up to temptation. Keep going, you are going though the hardest days, they will pass!

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Surely buddy… bad days upon us will sure pass… there are no rain clouds throughout the year. After heavy rains, sun shines bright again. So as the good days will shine upon us!!


@strongwillpower you are doing really well man. I went through your diary and felt that you are making good progress. Along with improving yourself you guys are helping each other grow too. I went through @neo_150 diary, @anon15901281 diary , @anon1074209 diary and felt that each passing day you guys are making good progress without fail. Keep it up guys. Iam also going write a diary. I believe it will help to stay in track.