[22 M] wijE man's diary

Joined Rewire recently, that means
Another NoFap Warrior has joined the community. A large population of the world is consuming the new age drug & hence are suffering & aren’t in their best form to fight the challenges of life. So it’s high time to become a strong warrior, & seek help of others if needed, & rerealize the true meaning of being a human being.

**I will maintain this diary to remind myself, that i am a human being, capable of taking his own decisions, one who can differentiate between right & wrong.
**I will maintain this diary, to stay focused on my goals, & to realize them with a conscious mindset. I want to go through the pain of discipline & effort, so that i can cherish it in my future. (bcz with efforts & willingness to achieve, a man of WORTH is born.)
**I will also maintain this diary, for the girl, whom i love, & who loves me too, trusts me to be a fair man.

*Wise & rational thoughts are always welcome.
*Invitations for streak challenges are always welcome.
*New joiners can share their views here.
*Let’s fight the WAR together, WARRIORS!

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Hey man, this is an awesome start to the diary. I find it very inspiring and motivational. You can forward with everything you’ve got and also admire and respect that. Thank you for this! This gave me a lot of hope for the Nofap community as I slowly started to lose faith in it.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!


ya man, we gotta keep fighting, & build ourselves as a man of character. & we must not lose hope on the community.
We will sail through this together .



Welcome to the rewire community and welcome to a clean life!
Really like your attitude. Wishing you good luck.


“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you”
-Thomas Jefferson

To live a balanced life, it’s important to know yourself, to know how you behave in different situations, how people of importance in your life, behave when they are in certain situations.
You need to work on issues which is affecting your mental or physical well being, you need to talk to people, whom you trust, about your issues, this will also enable you to find people on whom u can rely, in your odd times.
& to get all these experiences, you will have to make observations, & to do that u will have to put yourself into uncomfortable situations, the situations which you consider difficult, but the experiences out of which will be invaluable, to you.
So act & discover yourself, because self discovery is the way to happiness in this worldly life.


Very powerfull words! You are very inspirarional man!!
I see you’ve got a strong determination. You will make it, never stop studing about reboot! You got this!!

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