22 days and then I failed, any thoughts?

I did 22 days of this and then I finally gave in and failed and now I feel horrible. I wanna type out so much, just let it all go but who even cares yo I’m gonna type this shit out and what’s it gonna do? I failed myself and I failed who I want to be cause I can’t even do this. 22 fucking days man, I felt great for such a long while and then I edged for the last 2 days and gave in and got reminded I’m just the same addict I always was.

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NO. What you accomplished is REAL. Just not binge on it.
It is just what this PMO is, just destroying us.
It is your choice: want to back or fight again? The PMO is saying you can not, you are useless, BUT it is LIES.
You can not think like that now, but you are already a hero for us that are struggling with one or two week yet.
I really aspire to reach ever a streak like yours and beyond that!
You can do this feat again and will do better, but you will have to choose it by yourself. You HAVE the choice to fight it again. Everyone falls, but what is done after those falls is what really matters.
Talk about it because it will calm you and will give you power to keep going.


He’s right. That is amazing. I’ve been at this for a really longg time. I just started here and got 12 days and wasted it this morning. That was big for me and I threw it away. Look I need help beating this and I assume so do you so text me sometime 6022815336 and we can figure this out.