[21M]shambavi mahamudra weekly dairy

This is my second dairy inside this community.

With last dairy i understood the importance Journaling for having better clarity in life. Recalling an entire day and putting it into words was challenging at first but getting better at it

My main priorities for this dairy will be (comparing to last one )

To make it short

I was noticing that the length of the dairies was long and i was strugling to communicate ideas and feeling putting it into words was challenging and often end up having an essay with so much details that an pin pointing the thing that i wanted to communicate

  • I want to practice on making things short and still effectively communicating the things that i want to share
To be as true as possible

Its eassy to lie to oneself there can be lies that we tells to our self and I want to put my best of capacity to find this lies and share the truth

Include Trust worthy information for personal growth for the community

So i had this ideas today to share reliable informations (eg:to share light on the nature of mind.health tips ,and other facts etc ) that i find throw trusted sources, for the community i will try to share informations that can bring changes in an persons life and empower people

  • will be sharing every week

This will be a weekly dairy i will consolidate a week and put it into words all my ideas point of views and undertanding and an glimps into my life i do keep daily diary in my personal dairy but this weekily dairy exist because i belive that its will be helpfull in tracking my life and where i am heading,i have seen often that priorites changes often when you are not aware of it so consolidating a week and putting into words i belive that i will more aware of the things that happen in my life

+its is also a super exercise for the brain

This dairy will be active till i graduate from my college which will be around July or August 2023


Week 1

(#The hunter and victim mindset,#improving brain functions,#Balance,#communication,#clarity,#time,#3 koshas)

It was not a good start this week, i was having some kind of inbalance in my health was constantly sneezing and having a running nose. The body was getting easly tierd and there was not any motivation to work. neither did i had clarity on what to do.

Because of the low wellbeing it was hard to be aware of my problems the victim mindset was there throw out the week it sneeks in some times that i wont be aware of it, but throw constant looking i am more and more clear about this thought patterns

I had to take 2 presentations this week i was looking forward to it since i belived that i would be good at it but it went wrong althow i was having the right mindset my capacities was limiting me from giving my best in the presentation these part of week was where i so the victim mindset growing. it grows on your low self esteem, your fears if you dont feed it with this it will cease to exist

Its important to take an active role in every thing althow you may have the best ideas if you dont know how to communicate it with people it will be of no good and it will be hard finding a place in socity there is this chance that you will be working hard but still feel like a loser its important in my view to train all aspects of life rather than to be focused on a single aspect

I was going throw some articles about shmabavi and found out about the 3 koshas

  • anamaya kosha (body)
  • manomaya kosha (mind)
  • pranamaya kosha (life energys)

It was said in that article that shambavi was designed to align these 3 bodys and work in sync and one of the most important thing while doing the kriya for this alignment was to give ones full attention towards it,to pay attention to breath and focus on the kriya

I was stugling with time a lot while doing the kriya (inner work) so i was practising how 5 min feel like throw out the day the effort in itself gave me some balance



Life is just like a card game when we are faced with a task we look for a card (skill) that can beat it if we find one we win


You probably met people who win more often than others either luck favors them or they found a loophole in the game that others dont



Hard skills are those skills that are needed for a specific job example Programing,Driving,videoediting…ect these skills are necessary but very narrow


Soft skills include the ability to communicate,meet new people and influnce those around you. These can be applied to almost any area of work. On your deck of cards these can be the kings, queen and jacks


These skills can be you skills like concentration,energy managment ,time managment, emotional intelligence, intuition Mindfullness ,self awareness and many more these are the jokers in your set of cards, these skills not only help in work but also in all aspects of life

The secret of hackers

The secret of hackers is that they have the most amount of meta-skills. When ever life present them with a challenge they can figure it out fast with there meta skills


For this lets take an exmple of a person on his first day of his job

A person with only hard skills when presented with a challenge in work would probably give up because of the thought that the problem is outside there expertise.

A person with type2 skills would probably ask a more experianced person who they know or there colleges but if the problem is unknown to them also they would probably give up

A person with type 3 card (meta skills) when they face a challenge they apprach it with an open mind and understand that nothing is impossible for them.

we tend to focus on hardskills the most but if we prioritize the skills that will be helpfull in all aspects of life we will progress much faster



(#self control #Sleep #confidence #skin care #informatiom #Rewiring the brain #Rational brain #aware of time # nature of mind
#social health #mind set #Present moment )

There was both positive and negative sides to this week the negitive side was i can still see a lack of confidence, small amount of anxity and an inability to control my self during some situations (usually when intracting with socity) by self control i mean the ability to be fully in control of my mind and body having that choice for how to speek how to act etc.i noticed that while in a social enviornment because that i am person who choose to live alone there is some issue of security that causes fear in me. When fear comes most of ones response become automatic hence less self control.

The positive side was that i got so many reliable informations and understood lot about my self even thow some of the challenges that i face in life are still there i was able to realize what was the reason behind these problems ,what was causing it hence it took away a lot of guilt from me and also i was able to plan the necessary actions needed to solve this problems from my previous experiances i know that its not going to be an easy task but atleast i am getting clarity on what action to be taken.
Some of the main things that i found valuable pursuing for was

  • Social health
  • Good cognition
  • Health

During this week i also figured out a way to stop the habbit of watiching porn it was a sudden realization that happen a morning there was a verry horrible dream the day before and i was really feadup by this habbit suddently an idea came to my mind from my understanding of how mind work from various articles that i read. It was based on the fact that

" Sexuality has a certain role in your life. If you make it too big, you will become perverted in your mind. If you try to obliterate it, you will become even more perverted in your mind "

I remembered that it was not the pmo that i was wanting more it was that emotions and feeling that i had while watching it. So i used a technique which i call the neutral resposnse techniquethe idea was to watch porn every day at a fixed time without showing any feeling to it to see it as what it is.

You cannot leave anything that you consider as a bad thing. It will follow you everywhere.

It made me read a lot of books about it. I educated my self a lot on this topic and just being free of porn was a big relief since i can now focus on aspects of life that really matters rather than figting a imaginary mind game round and round without an end.

Another realization that i got was the fact of having a role model or an higher self of my self that i look upto. I was constantly dreaming of that perfect person that i wanted to be. I became aware that i was thinking a lot about it comparing myself to that higher self with the person that i am right now allways made me feel bad about my self hence i stoped it. The old thinking patterns still show up often but i am able to be aware of this pop ups and get out of it. my daily entries are really helping me for it.

Things that i added to my daily life

  • skin care
  • selecting cloths that matches my personality
  • gathering informations about socity and it rules and how it functions
  • cleanliness

Right informations will help you do the right things so they are important… lastly i am now aware that taking care of the social surviavl is important it will give you that peace of mind and energy for the pursuit of things that are much higher than just social pleasures.



#Neutral response technique #nervious system #action #productivity #shambavi # self doubt # Energy #compulsive desire

The Neutral Response Technique was one of the main highlights of this week. It made me understand the automatic responses that my body was making. i was questioning why this was happening and that when I learned about the central nervous system which is responsible for quick responses that are some times not in your control like emotions.

  • At this point I am understanding the importance of discriminating my automatic responses from my
    conscious actions.

This week there was more living than thinking about living because of the exams this week it was important for me to be productive . By chance I came across the Tiger Training in voice app and it helped me in being aware of my anxieties while preparing for exam. The idea was to be aware of emotions and thoughts that comes while studying and rationalize it by asking to my self should I be nervous of the exams i notices that there was so many past experiences of fear and anxiety that was being triggered while studying which made my body and mind uncomfortable and encouraged me to procrastinate . I remember those days when I use to fight this emotions doing it will only trigger more anxiety and burnouts. On the other hand enjoying the process of studying and using it to empower my self and increase my capacities helped me associate more positive emotions to studying rather than negative one.

Staying energetic throw out the day

  1. Go to the Bathroom twice a day
  2. Don’t fill up your stomach eat just what your body needs

I use to eat a lot thinking of not eating will make me lose my health but the fact is that some times eating the right amount is better than stuffing your body expecting some thing to happen but the only thing that can happen is build up of lethargy

Throw out the week I noticed that I was constantly trying to change my mind set. The right mindset is important because it will motivate you to continue on your path without self doubt and constant changing of paths.

While doing one of the sessions of shambavi this week i noticed i was becoming aware of the things that is happening in my mind because of that I was able to keep some amount of separation from my mind while doing the practice. so i tried to maintain that state throw out the day and discovered how to be more in control of my life there was improvement is focus and also was able to be more productive in things that i do. one day while doing my project works i became so focused that i started noticing that same feeling that i get while doing shambavi was coming doing my project also there was this beautiful sense of heat and balance in the body.

One of the major mind set problems present during this week was of comparing my self to my perfect self which was there last week too and also some amount of self doubt I am noticing this feelings fading being aware of it and constantly rationalizing my internal actions


Hey @newton063

Are you indian ?

How to reduce masturbation induced tingling sensation in upper body and chest using yoga or mudras? Is it possible to reduce tingling sensation ? In my case that tingling sensation in my chest is the one and only urge.


its one week now since i started the neutral response technique I think I have enough clarity now to try to check if the technique is working or not I am resetting my counters and aiming for 41 days of no fap if the technique is success full there should not be any urges, i wont make the mistake of identifying the old feeling as my need i will do my best to rationalize my actions rather than going with my emotions

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Hai bro @Amitroghates
ya I can understand. From my experience its better to go for a long streak so the your old sensations slowly fades I think its not the masturbation that causes this sensations it the feeling that you get while doing it which get reenforced again and again each time you do it

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I am not sure about any yoga practices to reduce that i am beginner to yoga.

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Did that answer your question ?

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