[21M]Bandit's journal

Laying on my bed at 11:56 pm.
Have a lot of things to share.
Good night :yawning_face:


Day 2
It was hard but i controlled my urges but i did it.
My longest streak of no fap were 2 months but I was in 10th class.
I miss those days and that strong feeling.
But after that I never cared for my masturbating habit.
But now I’m serious about it. :muscle:t4:
Let’s see how well I do tomorrow.
Goodnight :yawning_face:

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Day 3
I’m feeling confident.My mind is clear.Did some exercise and yoga.
I’m a final year engineering student preparing for government job.
Yeh I know it’s funny that an engineer who is preparing for government jobs but engineering was never my cup of tea.
I am doing engineering just because of my father.
Today I really didn’t get thoughts about relapsing because I was busy in my studies.
So key thing is Keep your mind busy as much as you can and you will never have dirty thoughts.
Feeling strong day by day. :muscle:t4:

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