[21M] 40 days commitment Shambavi mahamudra dairy






Today morning i was having a rough time because of lack of quality sleep, ended up using lot of time on screen before bed yesterday and it was having an effect But the kriya helped me get back some amount of energy , i am noticing that i am losing focus while doing the kriya and having issues with time so i decided to make sure to pratice “how 1m feel like” by using a timer before starting the kriya so i can focus more on each step and with the right amount of time it also help me bring more focus on the kriya without the mind wandering off

I am feeling that i am side tracking from my main goal a little which was to make sure that to make my days in such a way that i can bring my kriyas fully alive in my daily life. But the thing is i am waisting so much energy during day time which make me really tierd in the evening hence hard time focusing on the kriya and even i am not put an effort to keep the morning kriya alive throw out the day


Protecting your boundries is important people who dont have faith on your skills or respect for you can give you a hard time. Which can make you loose your energy so be aware of this fact and be confident in front of those people


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Today the heat was there in the body while doing the kriya and it bring a sense of balance my priority for today was to maintain this balance as long as i can. And i was actually be able sustain that focus and the effect of the kriya till afternoon. I saw it was fading away afternoon and there was some kind of resistance building up in the body some kind of anxity
Passing throw the day i notices my mind was responding to a lot of things around me the people the sound the response was mine but it was not me probably a response from my past experiances of life.
The voice app teaching are making significat changes in how i view my problems it really helping me rewire my brain self pitty to self respect
There was no much day dreaming today or living in the mind kind of things probably due to morning kriya beeing so active for a while


Protecting your boundaries from people are important make sure you dont fall a pray to peoples and end up feeling bad about your self, there was a little fight with one of my friends today i was able to use my voice app tools in that situation

Be aware of your week side, things that make you a bit uncomfortable

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Hey Newton, what exactly is this voice app

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Hai @_KarmaYogi
Bro voice is an mental health guide app which you can download on playstore

They use this technique called as hypnotelling to present you with tools(i call it tools because it works only when you apply it on some thing sooo)which you can use in your daily life to empower yourself

For me i was verry much interested about the mind how it works and how to use it properly etc so when i first saw this app and there techniques of hypnotelling to use your visualization to craft the life that you want i became immediately attracted to it and so far it showing good result for me

You can try it out too…

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Some lessons are free but i recomend having a subscription if you find it help full

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Mind was jumping around to much today morning i was finding it hard to focus on a single task. Morning we had lab so i was with my team working on an experiment i noticed my victim mentality in action i was aware of it when i feel i was beeing used by people i was watching it and trying to use my tools that i learned in voice app. But it was not showing any result. Later there was a break so i just went out and sit in the quiet place for a while changing your location from a struss full enviornemnt even for a small time will help


Having my lunch i was chew my food verry well hence there was no lethargy after the lunch infact i was a little more energetic

“Be interested about people ask them about there life when ever you find some one this will make better bonds with people rather than having routine conversations which almost comes automatically out of your mouth”

The monkey mind was still in action i saw it jump here and there passing throw the day


Lately i found a method for listening in class and understanding complex concepts which the teachers try to teach i call it **the pin point method ** the idea is to note down key words when the lecture is going on and try to find the meaning of that word… writing the important words down which conveys the overall meaning of the concept…using your creativity and imagination for finding the meaning of that word (its really hard to put it into words will work on my language skills)

I noticed the victim menatality while i was in my coding class to i was trying to understand some concept which was pretty basic but i was having a hard time with it. It reminded me of the past experiances where i went below average on certain things but i was quickly able to recover from because i was aware of it

After class reaching room i was commited to change this lack of energy and monkey mind so i decided to keep my mind active and dont waist my time during just laying on bed i took a bath did my shambavi i was focused to do my best in my seminar presentation and it worked today i was able to focus verry well

“You cant change the past but you can modify the present to change the future”

Day 40

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This is the last day for this dairy. I remember the first day when an idea to write some where public came to my mind a random thought in my mind a small thought that leaded to big actions. And the benifits are really vissible

I consider this as a really big achievement to me since i have never in my life gave a 40 days comitment fully to some thing.

I am starting to understand shambavi day by day and the level of inspiration and discipline it bring to my life is immeasurable, i wont say all my problems are solved but its really helping me figure things out and i am these days succeding in things that i start just because of this disipline

The voice app also helped me greatly to rewire my brain rather than feeling a losser all the time douting my self, douting the disicions that i make it simply help me change my mindset

I will consider this as one of the first success in my life.
As i quoted first when i started my dairy
“I saw highest of the mountains and deepest of the oceans but never gave up”

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Congratulations @newton063
keep inspiring !!


Did you took this challenge for going to Sabarimala ? Anyway you are an inspiration as always.

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No bro, i guess you asked because of the 41 day timing. Well that because 41 days is considered as an mandala for most of the yogic practises you will have to do it consistently for the first 41 days without fail to fully establish the practice in you sooo

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