[21 M] ygwr's diary

My name is Ygor, I’m 21 years old and I’m currently struggling with PMO and Masturbation addiction. I started this diary as a way to be accountable and to share my journey with as many people as I can.

/ Diary entry 1 /
November, 30.

Today is my third day in no fap. I have tried it before but I didn’t take it seriously, the longest I lasted was around one week. But now seeing the way my life is I need to stop it, it’s consuming all my motivation: I can’t study, I can’t exercise, I can’t do anything.

Here are my goals for this first week:

  1. Stop procrastinating my tasks
  2. Start studying for a important exam
  3. Go out for some walks and/or jogging
  4. Wake up early (7 a.m)

I’m not gonna go so hard on myself if I can’t achieve all of them this week, but I’m sure I’m gonna take them seriously.


/ Diary entry 2 /
December, 1st.

So im continuing this. Today I’ve felt so many urges and I still didn’t relapse. My libido is so high, I’ve been talking to my GF about buying some new toys and things so we can use when she comes back from her dad’s city. Missing her a lot right now.

Today I didn’t woke up early and did basically nothing.
I’m using some self knowledge apps so I can understand better what are my main weaknesses and start working on them.

It’s night already and the urges are going to come really hard, but my mind is focused in this one objective and I KNOW I will overcome this addiction.


/ Diary Entry 3 /
December, 3rd.

Yesterday I relapsed. I started to delete my p**n stash on my phone and when I realized it was already too late. I binged until the time I went to sleep and felt very bad about it, I felt for my own trap.

At least now it’s deleted.

Today I didn’t feel strong urges, I went out to work and got very tired. Some minutes ago I felt some desire to consume p**n but I stopped myself right on track. I’m not going to let this destroy my life.