[21 M]Bandhan's diary ( honest confessions of hardmode no fap journey)

Hi good morning no fappers, I’m on my 3rd day of no fapping journey . I am on hard mode. I got up with a motivation that I have completed my two days journey. My dick was more excited than before may be he thought I’m going to give it a hug​:joy::joy:. Well jokes apart. I decided to be really tough on myself. I got up , did 100 push ups, 100 sit upswent to bathroom and took some selfies … looking at my pumped body I feel more motivated… then I took a chilling shower … My boner gone . But today my balls are feeling little pain… they are not saggy like before but they are more filled and softer. While doing sit ups I was feeling pain on my balls( is it normal) … otherwise I am feeling energetic, more masculine. And ya my porn addiction was minimal and now it’s completely gone… but the habit of touching my dick and balls has increased a lot… some times unknowingly I was stroking my penis but somehow I managed not to fap.
So I think I need to restrict myself with some punishments or so… because in subconscious it will help to avoid the habit … can anyone suggest me what punishment I can give to myself that will help me not to touch and fap.

If anyone want to take a hard mode challange of 90 days with me then message me and add me
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