[21 F] Jane_Does' Diary- The Need to be better

Dear RC,
Today i relapsed after 37 days. I absolutely hated it. I gained nothing from it except shame and a 0 days counter. Also now, after the deed, i feel like I have a fever, so that’s great.
Before i completely dump all my regret onto you, let me introduce myself. Names’ Jane, im studying medicine in India and this habit completely ruined my life. I could have been in a better undergrad clg, scoring better in tests and even have a better posture if it weren’t for this evil thats PMO.
But I plan to be better. Not only in completely giving up PMO but also im improving my academics and my life. Things like this will only improve if the mind is kept busy and satisfied with productive goals and targets. If youve read so far, i wish you all the very best in your trials and you journey to beat this addiction.
Ill be updating this post weekly with how my weeks going both the good and the bad
Stay strong :muscle: and think long term :sunglasses:


Don’t despair, it’s normal. I have now a series of 175 days and I’m not going to stop there. Before this series, I had many relapses. Relapses haunted me for 5 months. But after that, I firmly decided that I would do away with PMO. I had streaks of a few days, then streaks of two weeks, then streaks of a month, and only after all this did I start the longest streak, in 5 days it will be 6 months. I plan to last at least 9 months. Your relapses and breakdowns are just preparation. Each time try to increase your streaks and in the end you will come to your biggest streak and finally quit PMO.


Thanks man your words really encourage me :pray:

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Don’t stress yourself by thinking to reach a highest streak. It’s just a self counter nothing much. Self growth lies with in your choices you take in your life. A long way to go , better to take it as a lesson and move on


Thank you for going put of your way to motivate me bro, greatly appreciated
Ill remember this advice :100::muscle:


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