2024 lastman standing challenge

Rewards of this challenge:1000 INR

@_TIGER will give to the person who follows this 2 rule

add me and msg for any queries -uv0i08

1)daily check-in complete this for 365 days.(except 20 check in if any emergency in the year 2023)
Only one will get 1000 in this challenge. If someone missed 10 check in and did 365 no pmo days . And the another one missed 20 days check in and did 365 days no pmo days.
The winner will be the lower missed check in and the first person.

2)No pmo
To win the challenge;
365 days consecutive check in +365 days no pmo.

Hello brothers and sisters,
This is only for those who wants to change their life in 2023… you can add your name here… we will collect all names who want to take this challenge…
But it’s very hard challenge.this is only for courageous titans !!!
One relapse means :x: before your name…after somedays everyone will eliminate from this challenge…the last person will be the king of this group !!! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

no second chance !!! If you are thinking for second chance means you are not serious…you are just wasting your time…

@_TIGER can eliminate any player if he did any mistake in his streak…beware…someone is watching your streak daily…:fire: …

you can’t cheat :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:
one relapse means elimination
What will we do in 365 days???

"DAILY CHECK-IN " type in this group "check in "-streak(except for those who have no time or they are using r.c app very rarely)
post motivational videos and pics anything which helps in no fap.
post your daily routines here…
if you are getting urges then talk with any companion here…
read EASYPEASY book :books:
any doubt then ask here…
remember 365 days no fap.

Urges Killer Steps:::
:fire:How to Deal with Urges ? :fire:

1]Take A Cold Shower Or Splash Cold Water On Your Face.

2]Exercise until you are exhausted

3]Block â– â– â– â–  using a screen accountability software or throw your phone.

4]Go for a walk

5]Listen to good music, Watch good stuff like good movies etc.

6]Start doing meditation :person_in_lotus_position:

7]Start studying, it will divert your mind. :books:

8]You can even help your mom to clean your house. 💆‍♀

9]Play any outdoor sport. This will help you to identify your inside’s Ronaldo, pale, Tigerwoods, Sachin, Bolt etc.

10]Avoid Eating Onion and Garlic.

11]Record your Video while urge hits and watch it next time it hits you again.

12]Holding Your Breath

13]This is a very simple technique. Whenever you experience a strong urge, simply hold your breath!

14]Your body will often quickly forget about the urge as it deals with the sudden crisis of oxygen deprivation.

It is better to practice this technique with as little air in your lungs as possible (just push all the air out of your lungs by contracting your abdominal muscles before holding your breath), as the less air in your lungs, the faster your body will go into “crisis mode.”

If none of the suggestions given work, then lock your hands and feet LOL!

how to get my sharing code?

In your mobile ,you will see in bottom five category …
Select the 3rd category it’s name companion.

Then you will see in right side botttom orange coluour 3 dot…click there…

Then you will get my sharing code…

Then generate your code…


Scorecard 1

:white_check_mark:1) _TIGER 23M - uv0i08
:white_check_mark:2) basanaruga 32M - 9q46nf
:white_check_mark:3) Hitler9buddha 18M - a2md
:white_check_mark:4) AR23055 18M - trrk0f
:white_check_mark:5) letsdoitthistym 25M - chnvsc
:white_check_mark:6) lost90 24M - 7otkai
:white_check_mark:7) AdityaBahira 20M - jjcy7s
:white_check_mark:8) Abhishek_V/NarutoKun 22M - yummwv
:white_check_mark:9) solr4c - nz9mt1


Scorecard 2!!!


Scorecard 3…made by tiger


Scorecard 4…made by tiger


I am in. Lets do this


I want to participate in this challange.
Count me in


I m in too
Best of luck everyone


I am in


Can I start to check in from tomorrow ?


@_TIGER Hey bro, I wanna join the challenge. But before the challenge, I just want to tell you something.

I am a university student so I have much work to do. So I may not be able to log in daily.
If I didn’t log in, don’t kick me out. If I have relapsed, I will type here.

Btw, I have added you via sharing code. App name is narutokun and forum name is Abhishek_V


It’s okay no problem.


Yes continue brother @Amitroghates


Will this challenge start on 1st Jan 2024?


I am in…

Code : trrk0f


I’m in… add my name to this challenge…

M 23
Code: b5q6v5


I remember how I was motivated about winning LMS 2023 with my streak that time
(I relapsed soon and never stopped :skull:)


Saw the same post on Message board and was wondering how would I participate, Count me in :muscle:


Abishek we meet again but this time as competitors :muscle::v:


Why was The learner’s account suspended ? He was alonewarrior


Maybe because his post was flagged by you and @prince_king or because he used vile language. Frankly Even I don’t know, it still shows suspended