2021 Nofap Marathon for 6 straight months (Study, Meditation,Fitness and Reading Challenges)

It’s actually a Nofap marathon with a 42.2 KM run.

Want some heat and action, hop along to test yourself.


Edit the Wiki and put your name and sharing code (no gender and age required)in it, do not expect moderators to do your job.If you want change,make a change yourself by putting your name in the wiki.


1)No fapping, hold your urges at bay and complete the marathon.
2)Post your progress any time of the day but you need to do it atleast every 4 days,be regular and don’t miss the progress posting here in the forum.
3)You can join other challenges as well,no restrictions,but recommend you to stick to a forum that will update stuff regularly.
4) Respect and treat others runners properly to encourage closeness and real progress.

:star_struck:Other things to expect :-

Tips from time to time to kill this catastrophic demon lurking in plain sight,killing you day by day.

Real fitness, study,reading and meditation challenges along the way in the same Marathon for some added fun and dopamine boosters(away from PMO🌝).

As long as you post your progress and do your part which also includes encouraging others along the way,you will be continued to run the marathon.
After a failure to post progress,you will receive a warning and if even that doesn’t make you post,you are declared unfit for the marathon.

The End comes when you near the finishing.
I have planned a good surprise challenge at the

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Hi bro
I want to participate, please tell where to register

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