2021 last man standing challenge.(for 365 days)[ENTRIES CLOSED]

Hello brothers and sisters,
This is only for those who wants to change their life in 2021… you can add your name here… we will collect all names who want to take this challenge…
But it’s very hard challenge.this is only for courageous titans !!!
One relapse means :x: before your name…after somedays everyone will eliminate from this challenge…the last person will be the king of this group !!! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Remeber no second chance !!! If you are thinking for second chance means you are not serious…you are just wasting your time…

@_TIGER can eliminate any player if he did any mistake in his streak…beware…someone is watching your streak daily…:fire: …you can’t cheat :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

one relapse means elimination

What will we do in 365 days???

  1. "DAILY CHECK-IN " type in this group "check in "-streak(except for those who have no time or they are using r.c app very rarely)
  2. post motivational videos and pics anything which helps in no fap.
  3. post your daily routines here…
  4. if you are getting urges then talk with any companion here…
  5. read EASYPEASY book :books:
  6. any doubt then ask here…
  7. read post number 311 by @AmanJain

remember 365 days no fap.

Urges Killer Steps:::
:fire:How to Deal with Urges ? :fire:

1]Take A Cold Shower Or Splash Cold Water On Your Face.

2]Exercise until you are exhausted

3]Block Porn using a screen accountability software or throw your phone.

4]Go for a walk

5]Listen to good music, Watch good stuff like good movies etc.

6]Start doing meditation :person_in_lotus_position:

7]Start studying, it will divert your mind. :books:

8]You can even help your mom to clean your house. 💆‍♀

9]Play any outdoor sport. This will help you to identify your inside’s Ronaldo, pale, Tigerwoods, Sachin, Bolt etc.

10]Avoid Eating Onion and Garlic.

11]Record your Video while urge hits and watch it next time it hits you again.

12]Holding Your Breath

13]This is a very simple technique. Whenever you experience a strong urge, simply hold your breath!

14]Your body will often quickly forget about the urge as it deals with the sudden crisis of oxygen deprivation.

It is better to practice this technique with as little air in your lungs as possible (just push all the air out of your lungs by contracting your abdominal muscles before holding your breath), as the less air in your lungs, the faster your body will go into “crisis mode.”

If none of the suggestions given work, then lock your hands and feet LOL!



:white_check_mark:1)_TIGER 20M-uv0i08
:white_check_mark:2)JumpingBuddha 29M-s1jc5f
:white_check_mark:3)The.second 21M-2vtwcl
:white_check_mark:4)aubatseoranghamba 30M-e9o4u3
:white_check_mark:5)JonSnow001 28M-3fndz9
:white_check_mark:7)ihaverisen 00M-6d24wa
:white_check_mark:8)ToThy 25M-h2bldw
:white_check_mark:9)reboot123 25M-0hlnku
:x:10)kylekyle 18M-gcgf6d
:white_check_mark:11)KlausMikaelson 18M-2ytf52
:white_check_mark:12)sba123 24M-bhx4p9
:white_check_mark:13)NoMore4MeJB 23F - rqg48i
:white_check_mark:14)accelerator3 21M-yhrr64
:white_check_mark:15)Dido 16F-y181c
:white_check_mark:16)totto rewire 32M-tvit91
:white_check_mark:17)kedanath001234 00M-p65wkb
:white_check_mark:18)GOVIND-19 21M-200q6a
:white_check_mark:19)TRD5 24M-8owoh7
:white_check_mark:20)nofap222 20M-cdqel3
:white_check_mark:21)Angelo34 18M-rv3d97
:white_check_mark:22)warriorshubh 21M-7g8wmn
:white_check_mark:23)Martial_Beast 22M - y69xv7
:white_check_mark:24)Bashi 26M - pt9rxb
:white_check_mark:25)Kaizen 22M - elmade
:white_check_mark:26)Quarganon 22M -hu8vwz
:white_check_mark:27)Victhor 20M -1wo8km
:white_check_mark:28)Abishekchopin2 19M-7wa4wm
:white_check_mark:29)assh 28M-o004hz
:white_check_mark:30)Razz 20M-1wo8km
:white_check_mark:31)koaxicek 29M- 0854qv
:white_check_mark:32)Zeusss 24M-i6h0cg
:white_check_mark:33)maseen223 17M-3wbilm
:x:34)zorim 00M-ta9b5d
:white_check_mark:35)bakiish 27M-bro98y
:white_check_mark:36)KarmaYogi 28M thxmdu
:white_check_mark:37)samkashyap 24M-65rnlz
:white_check_mark:38)AmanJain 19M-1cvc2l
:white_check_mark:39)darshanp 27M-1c0ff9
:white_check_mark:45)adad 15M-rggxqk
:white_check_mark:46)rhybha 25M-l7po4p
:white_check_mark:47)sakshi11 00F-zw5ud1
:white_check_mark:48)axion030 24M-te72ff
:white_check_mark:49)sharmamayur387 21M-nppzct
:white_check_mark:51)shipivista11 00S-7b16e1
:white_check_mark:52)zawwar 22M-27fa2d
:white_check_mark:53)Bart’s 22M-rsjevc
:white_check_mark:54)Kingslayer 24M - bf7ec5
:white_check_mark:55)Genius_Investor 19M-n7h5xc
:white_check_mark:56)Rocky99th 20M-c37uid
:white_check_mark:57)anony09 17M-tmy1ud
:white_check_mark:58)Influencer 19M-cjr4rx
:white_check_mark:59)lokendra 21M-d2tca
:white_check_mark:60)lasha23 20M-poutoh
:white_check_mark:61)audimote 26M-6sllzx
:white_check_mark:62)viv2004 16M-23a9vp
:white_check_mark:63)techboy 21M-v11hyk
:white_check_mark:64)yogifromsouth 25M-uhcs2f
:white_check_mark:65)Selfconqurer 24M-hbfj3h
:white_check_mark:68)kikicamerena 23M-yb2pq7
:white_check_mark:69)Dmaxxz 21M-28fhuz
:white_check_mark:70)Ab89 22M-sbsqds
:white_check_mark:71)Adul Rakha 21M - 7uhdi0
:white_check_mark:72)StormeNet 35M-g9nl6f
:white_check_mark:73)vishalc1408 19M-m2qnqt
:white_check_mark:74)jjkames 22M-a5621f
:white_check_mark:75)sovereign_mind 19M-st3iom
:white_check_mark:77)alphaman96 24M-obb4q6
:white_check_mark:79)Bn03 17M-0p71qo
:white_check_mark:80)alphaman96 24M-obb4q6
:white_check_mark:81)NeverGiveup420 24M-0duzj7
:white_check_mark:82)mbaNoFap 23M-edorvs
:white_check_mark:83)guku 27M-db2u1
:x:84)alenzinho 00M-ns467u
:x:85)Rohit_114 21M-e4epam
:x:86)CarnetDeBordNF 19M-immanh
:x:87)Yash24 21M-k8vnil
:x:88)Sacred 23M-9c971a
:x:89)DRUVA 18M-3p0gpv
:x:90)Hubinho 24M - pkq1io
:x:91)Ash_Matt 17M- zs7f7h
:x:92)jacknofap 19M-ryp19
:x:93)joemother 15M-il4qog.
:x:94)SherBaniya 17M-ex1f8j
:x:95)Suddy0q 21M-qjikuj
:x:96)karan050 23M-xno9ys
:x:97)rafa1 24M-q294la
:x:98)Tommyangelo 22M-99zs0v
:x:99)phoenix_1674 17M-7v7oy2
:x:100)Rajesh8699 21M-5q1nim
:x:101)Yitzchak 19M-mcxswe
:x:102)Juvenal 34M - b28cf1
:x:103)Richard21 21M- 75m1ry
:x:104)_Motivation 29M
:x:105)GOGETA 19M-nxbzqv
:x:106)mikey-Mike 28M-wwzfpt
:x:107)the_shivam 16M-87s8mw
:x:108)alexcoz 23M-jb4y4m
:x:109)Nofapstar123 17M-ea1v0q
:x:110)sukuun 25M-a98xou
:x:112)RainWater 17M-cxonpl
:x:113)abhay9973 20M-abhay
:x:114)lakshyaonfire 15M-1ukhrk
:x:115)ameer223 00M-awbooz
:x:116)Dean_Ambrose 17M-a5ssyg
:x:117) Mahesh27_03 19M-n1jy9g
:x:118)StealthChopperInBond 15M-8wkpr7
:x:119)Consecrator 20M - 4b9hus
:x:120)Busyman 23M-o521gg
:x:121)rewire_user 17M- ko8y31
:x:122)strongwillpower 21M- j1jkyj
:x:123)vickyx 17M-trtoly
:x:124)astaNGU 22M-xrai1e
:x:125)realmana 24M-42y715
:x:126)atrocitusXL 17M-z7glkt
:x:130)LeBroccoli 30M-g04hpk
:x:131)OyasumiAku 17M-wvh06e
:x:132)Deeepp 19M-s5ztpz
:x:133)paxx 32M-otee5e
:x:134)namrods 22M-4q0ki6
:x:135)ceruin 21M-512gp2
:x:136)Hardmode123 00M-4hypd6
:x:137)sk_nofap 25M-qwwpjn
:x:138)saksham3 23M-pfxjly
:x:139)sombre 21M-yzu2ww
:x:140)Saim 18M-brmsng
:x:141)blue ice 23M-qqb8hh
:x:143)ImperialIntention 19M-l60wn4
:x:144)Neo_150 25M- 2wrhba
:x:145)tanmay_ck 20M-co9eta
:x:146)Leo6 17M-b33iyv
:x:148)rohankians 28M-av1p14
:x:149)Bulley 23M- cc9b1r
:x:150)rjv092 27M-r54nvm
:x:151)STORY_OF_A_GREAT_LOSER 00M-ozranp
:x:152)changeforgood 25M-cshzcb
:x:153)Shubh786 20M-yw8u4e
:x:154)Shaikexpert 16M-zf9nf5
:x:156)shiva25 22M- ypxflq
:x:158)samaranjay 22M-rsf37c
:x:159)vedsarkushwaha 29M-ajmfzr
:x:161)The_Fighter 25M-c61296e
:x:162)sinceredev 24M-0wbuzc


@_TIGER bro this challenge seems great, but what if at the end of the year more than 1 person stands out?



Only 2 Rules.


:crossed_swords: 100 Days Battle -1 :crossed_swords:

Start date : Jan 6 :shield: End Date: April: 16)

REFREE- StealthChopperinbond

:white_check_mark: 1) Tagore 20M- tn1ii4
:white_check_mark: 2) assh 28M- o004hz
:white_check_mark: 3) shubh 20M- yw8u4e
:white_check_mark: 4) Kaizen 22M- elmade
:white_check_mark: 5) Desafiador 25M-09yezf

:x: 6) shiva25 22M- ypxflq

:crossed_swords: 100 Days Battle -2 :crossed_swords:

Start Date: 12 Jan

REFREE- Tagore

:white_check_mark: 8). Dean_Ambrose17M - a5ssyg
:white_check_mark: 9) RishuWw15M-uqi99u
:white_check_mark: 14) Samaranjay22M rsf37c

:x: 13) MJ00717M-j7fbo2
:x: 7) _Motivation 29M
:x: 10)nofapstar123
:x: 11)sk_nofap
:x: 12) rewire_user - ko8y31

:crossed_swords: 100 Days Battle -3 :crossed_swords:

Start Date: 15 Jan

REFREE- Tagore

:white_check_mark: 15) @suman
:white_check_mark: 16) @LAKSHYAONFIRE

:crossed_swords: 100 Days Battle -4 :crossed_swords:

Start Date: 17 Jan

REFREE- Tagore

:white_check_mark: 17)karan050 23M-xno9ys
:white_check_mark: 18) @kabirashish 8mie3e

:x: 19) @alenzinho 22M- ns467u

:crossed_swords: 100 Days Battle -5 :crossed_swords:

Start Date: 21 Jan

REFREE- Tagore

:white_check_mark: 20) Sacred 23M - 9c971a
:white_check_mark: 21)Yash24 21M - k8vnil
:white_check_mark: 22) @Rohit_114 - e4epam
:white_check_mark: 23) @The_wild_perception 23M - muelhq
:white_check_mark: 24) StealthChopperinBond 15M - 8wkpr7


@_TIGER Count me in :fire:
I believe I have obtained a lot about nofap from the book " Easy peasy hackbook"
And I will continue to read gita throughout the journey !
It will be helpful and easy for me.
This challenge is going to start on 1 January ?
never mind,
Just count me in.
I have got the necessary tools, I have to use them to their utmost potential.



Count me in buddy


Ok. I’m in what I have to do now means how do we start it


Are we going to have more than 1 king at the last?:thinking:

Btw please add me also in this challenge, hope I’ll not be disappointing you all.:slightly_smiling_face:

Name - Nick
S. Code - day781

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Highest streak 40 days current 1 day xyzab21

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Yes bro let’s see who will be the king??!!!

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Hello brother !
You are probably new to this forum, here you just have to share your code.
And Join challenges, People are present here to help you.
You are here it implies that you are here to get freed from this addiction.
I Welcome you brother !
Join the challenges which are going on.
Read the first post of every challenge and you can understand that challenge
and decide whether you wanna join it or not.
Here everybody is serious about each and every challenge.
I hope You will use this forum to your benefit.


My code-a5ssyg …

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@_TIGER bro when this challenge will start? Who will create the scoreboard?

  1. higest streak - 13 days
    —2) current streak -0 days
    —3) sharing code- n1jy9g
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My sharing code: ko8y31
Highest Streak : 15 days
Wish You all best of luck !

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Where I will find my code??

From 1st January till 31st December


Brother !
@Dean_Ambrose @_TIGER What’s the name of the section where we find our code.
I am using this forum on my pc. So, I can’t guide him.
Please do tell @maseen223 where can he find his sharing code.

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Please count me in
My sharing code yhrr64
Name Accelerator3
Streak 0 days


@maseen223 in your mobile ,you will see in bottom five category …
Select the 3rd category it’s name companion
Then you will see in right side botttom orange coluour 3 dot…click there…
Then you will get my sharing code…
Then generate your code…