2021 last man standing challenge.(entries are closed for 2021)

Bro @anon41607238 did you relapse? Yesterday I saw that your counter was back to zero.
And bro @StealthChopperinbond your counter is showing 7 hours.
Guys, you all have a responsibility to sincerely report here when you relapse. This is a very serious challenge; not child’s play. After all, we are here to help each other. All of us are together in this!


Repeat after me




Do this every night before sleeping , every morning after waking up and every time you get an urge. Soon this will be imprinted in your subconscious as a reality.



Yeah bro I relapsed Yesterday morning 4 am forgot to report here sorry


@Tagore , I think there is a mistake in royal Rumble challenge, the rules stated that everyone gets 2 chances and then there will be permanent elimination. I relapsed in the last man standing challenge then I got into this challenge then i had my 11 days streak and then i again relapsed, my current streak is now 2 days. But in this challenge i only relapsed once, I didn’t get my second chance and yet there is a :x: in front of my name


Guys pls visit Dr.Trish Leigh YouTube channel , she is a cognitive neuroscientist & certified sexual addiction recovery coach .she will help you better in PMO recovery.


Wrong concept don’t say this.
You can say : i am very happy. I am going to achieve everything in my life …recite any positive thoughts.
When you will say I don’t want pmo . You are thinking about pmo …


Agreed. The law of attraction works that way bro. When you say you don’t want something you are basically attracting it into you. For example say: ‘i hate an elephant’
What image came to your mind?
The image of an elephant. That’s how it works :sweat_smile:


Its ok Brother @anon41607238 . You can join the challenge once again if you want.
Bro @MJ007 once you relapse you are out from the battle that you were in i.e. battle 2.
But you can still join another challenge. The confusion arised due to the way 1st rule was written in the scoreboard. I’ll update it.
@MJ007 you and @anon41607238 can have a battle since both of you have relapsed and maybe want to join the challenge again.
I can announce it as the 6th 100 Days Battle.


Brother, Now I am ready for the royal rumble
:triumph: :triumph:


Sorry everyone after 62 days I relapsed. I really did try and I’m sorry that I let all of you down :persevere: I’m going to keep trying and I’m going to try and make it past 62 days next time


Alright brothers @anon41607238 @MJ007 if both of you are ready as well, I can announce the 6th Battle between you 3. (@anon41607238 + @MJ007 + @rewire_user)
And remember this is the last chance for you all!

Give nothing less than 100%

Cry, suffer, crawl but don’t give up!!


I’m ready bro add me


Bro @NoMore4meJB don’t worry. Shit happens; consider this as an experience. Understand where you slipped. Learn from the failure; trust me I have relapsed 1000 times but always I try to learn where I went wrong. And it will help a lot in the long term.
You can join the 100 Days Royal Rumble if you want. Because I know you are a strong man and you are capable of great things.
Are you ready for this??
The 6th 100 Days Battle is about to be announced today between @anon41607238 @MJ007 and @rewire_user .
If you want you can join them as well.


I will Give my 100 % in it.
Determination is the only way to beat this addiction.
If you are determined enough. You already won !
It’s not about how many urges you felt,

It’s about how many battles you have won !

Let’s Put everything we got this time !
:fire: :muscle:


Count me In brother :muscle::muscle:


Hehe funny thing is I’m a female :sweat_smile: I just didn’t want to make that such a big deal since there was that weird drama involving women on the forum before

Thanks for your advice though :slight_smile:
Honestly relapsing wasn’t worth it.
And I’d be happy to try the 100 day battle!

I am proud of myself because 62 days was the longest streak I’ve had


@NoMore4meJB hey sis join in royal rumble…drink more water . beware chaser effect is very dangerous. Dont use mobile for 20 hrs . And take cold shower…


Thank you @_TIGER for the opportunity.

All the companion brothers have showered alot of wisdoms here.

Only few things, I would like to add with my personal experience.

  1. We are free from addiction, the moment we start thinking that we are.
    (Ask yourself- can’t you live without it? Is there no other clean source of pleasure/happiness?)
  2. If the answers to above questions is a big fat yes and we still fall back to square one, that means we are not honest with ourselves. Moreover we are inherently hypocrite, if we think something and act something else. This leads to another question- Do we want to be remembered as dishonest and hypocrite or lead by example? You know the answer!
  3. This whole problem is a mind game. If you achieve a milestone reward yourself and vice versa. In addition to that keep updating the goal further. Keep yourself motivated and hungry for discovering your real potential which in reality is unlimited.
    For instance, If you achieve a milestone of say 10 days, add the goal with 10 more days. If you achieve a milestone of 200 days, just push your limits and you will see it happen. Your limits will make way to your unlimited potential. Try it.
  4. There are two kind of weakness- physical and mental. The only difference is that the first one can be recognised by everyone but the latter by only you.
    Know thy weakness, work on it. I know it’s painful. But the people who can bear this pain, makes history. Others you know better.
  5. Know your worth and feel proud of it. We all have some kind of virtues. Do not compare with others. Everybody is different. Compare your own progress. Keep asking- Am I in a better situation than last week, last month, last year…? You will get the answer and the way to proceed. Whether you get answers in affirmative or otherwise, the way is only one- To improve further, to push your limits few inches further. And believe not me or anybody but believe yourself that you have all the potential to do it, to nail it to be precise.
  6. Do not overthink. Enjoy the journey. See outside window. See the beauty of nature and other creatures, admire them. Be grateful. Be happy. Be yourself.

With best regards
To all fellow companions

PS: suggestions and constructive criticisms always welcome.


I’m sharing this note I wrote on my diary with you guys and hopefully someone finds this useful:

Take care.


Royal Rumble Check in

Day 3/100✔️

:muscle:Im not losing this and so are my companions​:fire::fire: