2021 last man standing challenge.(entries are closed for 2021)

I am posting my day 0 timetable as challenge starts tommorow.
Walking 0.5 km ●
Running up and down stairs ●
Studied ○
Day 0 ●
Ratta ○
Sleeping at 10 :00 p.m ○

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How would I know that now I am in this challenge
Please assure me…

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See the scoreboard 144 is your number @adad

@darshanp no -145… :white_check_mark::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::grin::grin::grin:

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Please add me if you want to have a tough competition. I will not only raise a high standar for the group but will also encourage every one else to give this their best shot. I want multiple kings to stay on the top so that we can share the happiness.

User name: darshanp
Age, gender: 27M
Current streak : 60
Highest streak : 60
Sharing code : 1c0ff9


Awesome to see you back bro! @Saim let’s beat this PMO- we can be accountability partners again if you want :facepunch:


Is anyone interested in joining the miracle morning challenge ?
Begin Your new Year with new habits,

Please add me too @_TIGER
My name’s is Dido
Code is gqoOhi
Age 16 Gender female
Highest and current streak 4days


I noticed my name is not on scoreboard can u add it?


@Amer223 113 no :white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

tiger bhai kaisa lag raha ajj? kal se naye safar ki shuruat hone jaa rahi hai :fire:


Bhai 2 din se jabardast urges a rha he aur headache bhi


Bro my age is 19
How do I know my sharing code?

Yo everyone! I’m new here! Can you add me to challange?

  1. highest streak - 27 days
  2. current streak - 01 days
  3. sharing code - bro98y
  4. age and gender - 27M

How can I add myself to scoreboard?

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How to find the Sharing Code [Tutorial]

You are added to 146



HS - 70
CS - 03
Male 28
SC : thxmdu

Please count me in

@Tiger lets put all this in our hindi thread.


@_KarmaYogi okay bro

@Dido at first welcome to this community!!! :slight_smile::slight_smile:
I will add you in a private message ok you can find your sharing code…those who are not knowing how to find sharing code I invite there…
The sharing code given by you is invalid…

Hey man can you add me in this challenge…
Highest streak : 15 days
Current streak : Day 5
I am 21M 512gp2

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