2020 Teenager Accountability group

Sharing code - 2df3gs *

Current streak - 30 minutes*
Highest streak - 45 days *
Age - 17
Gender - M
Location - US

Why I want a companion - It will definitely be easier, to talk to someone that is anonymous so that we can hold each other accountable. I would like to break free from this with someone else.

Add me bro, we can go throguh this!


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How do I add you man?

You put that code in the my companion tab. There are 3 little dots on the right, you press there, add companion then you put in my code. I tried with your code yet it told me it was invalid.

Ok so I can see the code but I am having trouble finding your companion tab. Note that I am using the app version not the browser. I have clicked on all the 3 dotes I could find on my screen but nothing is standing out to me.

update your app and go to companions

Yep works now. I added you. What does having you as my companion allow us to do exactly. Oh and goodluck. We can definitely beat this!

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