2020 my current experience

I’ve just been failing a lot since months ago and I just need to apply every tip that is said to me, I just don’t know how to change my mindset and just become a better person overall.


Here’s my advice:
Pick one thing.
Working out?
Reading good books?
Eating healthier?
Just pick one POSITIVE thing that you can do better. Set a goal, write it down. Write A PLAN to achieve that goal.
And take it one day at a time.
Get a little better at that, then try adding another thing, and so on.

One day at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Best of luck on your journey :+1:

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Thanks man I’ll try it


Don’t give up!
I know you can do it, I’ve already fallen many times but I still try to get higher!
Come on don’t give up change that mindset and get to work!


I just don’t know how to change my mindset, I’m not a positive guy by nature

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First off, try tip identify your triggers. Everyone is different, but the common ones are HALT


Personally, my primary trigger is boredom.

Once you identify your triggers, you can put together a plan to help minimize the time you spend in that state.

As @keepFighting stated, try top find a healthy habit top fill in the gaps. I stated doing woodworking projects, working on small equipment, and other things that involve working with my hands.

You can do this! We’ve got your back no matter what.


Try to be positive a little.
You’re not positive because you masturbate, it just destroys happiness progressively.
Try to think that by not masturbating, you’ll become a nicer person and you’ll be happier too.
As said above, try to identify triggers and avoid it the best you can.
Finally, try to set yourself an objective like 7 days to begin with for example, also try to join an accountability group where you’re forced to communicate your results and your day to other people, this way you avoid PMO more easily.

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First of all completely abolish the thought that you’ll feel happy after masturbation and pmo session.
Whenever the thoughts of pmo arise in your mind critisize it by saying , i am doing it for years but what I’ve got ( shame , low confidence, no happiness. Etc.
It is something that takes away all my glory all charm and cheerfulness, all confidence, self-respect and dignity and all the reputation in society.

If you consider it non harmful-- then you also know that it is non beneficial as well.
It is possible that when you start to change your thinking it may not work and you relapse but here’s the point you can make a difference. Dont let the relapse go in vain.
Guys we all know that that the high streak that we achieve starts from day zero and after the time we had a relapse.
In a way you can say that a high streak is achieved after a relapse because the counter starts again after the time you relapsed .

So suppose you relapsed now you’ll think !!!oh its no use to be a no fap warrior you’ll start taking your time to watch more videos and masterbate a no. Of times .
Here’s the point you can change your feeling forever…Instead you should think like oh shit what I’ve done and see what I’ve got. I’ve ruined not only my streak but also my courage.
You can abuse yourself whole heatedly and even cry so that your mind realise the guilt which you are feeling

Bro recovery is a time taking process and it differs from person to person and so is mind changing.
1… you change your mind.
2… if there is a thought of relapsing critisize it.
3.if you relapse then feel the guilt and make your changed mind stronger


Well said!