2020 is a special year for me

God helped me graduate from a place where I was struggling and doubting if I will ever get out.
God taught me the way to handle my anxiety issues better such that it won’t bother me anymore.
God helped me quit masturbation 130 days ago. He gave me the strength to resist urges.
Stopped talking with all the excess girls in my life who dont really care for me, who were there just for fun. It needs a lot of commitment to upheld this decision and I alone couldn’t have done it without Gods help.
Got out from a relationship with a girl, whom I believed to be a covert narcissist, almost 70 days ago. I prayed to god for a sign as I was unhappy and didn’t know what to do, and the sign was loudest and unexpected, which made me go as far away as I could from her.
Started to look towards God more, started reading Bible, praying regularly and started knowing more about him whilst preparing myself for baptism. All this because of all the other miracles he is doing in my life, which was setting myself right and giving back that happiness that I had lost.

After that relationship and quitting PMO, right now I am on the track of exploring myself, knowing myself even more, finding better ways to manage my time, keeping my confidence levels up and preparing for whats next to come.
So, 2020 year was special for me, but I know 2021 is going to be even more special as I am knowing God more and more I learn, more I am curious to find out God’s plan for me.

For everything that has happened in my life, all glory is to Jesus.

So for me, 2020 is basically coming out of all the things thats wrong in my life, and 2021 is figuring out what I can do without those pulling me down.

To all those struggling to quit PMO or through whatever it is that life has put infront of you from which you are struggling to get out of or struggling to cope, May 2021 be the year that you break free. Trust in the God with all your heart, and he will do wonders in your life.

I wish you all, a very happy new year.


Happy for you bro. I also have made a lot of progress in my life these past few months. Things can only get better on this following this journey. Have a happy new year!

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happy new year and happy sucess for you bro

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Thank you guys @Sacred @abosalah2021

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@JonSnow001 proud of your hard work bro and proud of your resolve! May you achieve a life of success and health :heart:

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