2019 champiomship/300 What's App group

So here we are, 20th december and the next year is aporaching. Many wont tried to fight like a real warrior, so they wont start the new year as good as they liked. But dont worry, theres another chance.
There’s a What’s App group called 300, wich is a challenge for those who really want to change.

The rules are simple:
-1 relapse, 1 out.
-Group will remain for 300 days
-For joining, before 25 december you need a 5 day streak.

This group is not only for motivating people, and make our lives better, is for those who want to become real men this 2019, and make it happen.
So get ready, because this year wont be like the others. Its time to change.

Use this link to join the group.

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The link doesnt work at the first time.
When you click it, it will say you tht an error ocurred. Dont worry, just click on the 3 dots on the right upper side of the screen and then click, open in browser.