2018 achievements/failures & 2019 resolutions/goals

Hello everyone!
I thought we could have a new year resolutions topic.
So, the idea of this thread is to write down any achievement or important failure you had during this 2018, and tell the comunity about your goals for 2019.

Wanna do this? I’ll start!


  • I failed my goal to ramain freeof PMO for an entire month.
  • I’ve achieved a “never before” mean of no fap days! going from daily-basis-fap in early 2018 to a sweet 9.5 days average right now.
  • Now I found porn boring and unnatractive.
  • I had weird porn taste. I don’t have it anymore.
  • I really think it’s amazing to being an adict woman who had to PMO 31+ days a month, to now just have 2 - 4 relapses a month.


  • I will still trying to pass my max of 22 days.
  • I will still aming to the one month goal.
  • I will increase my average from 9.5 to 11 by march 2019.

So that’s all by me!
Do you think I will be able to do it?

What about your failures, achievements and goals?
feel free to comment yours in this thread!



I have made a 91 day streak. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
Basic reboot is over. Although I have achieved many good things in life, but I declare this to be my greatest achievement so far. You will know after reaching that stage.

Full year nofap target :fist::fist::muscle::muscle:


Wow! Very nice streak! And very impressive goal for 2019!


Before ending this year I did good thing in last 2 months .

  1. I lost my 5 kg weight and trying to get myself in good physic .
  2. I have read 2 good books you can heal your life and another one autobiography of yogi .

3 I am on the day 55 clean streak

And 2019 resolution

  1. Monk mode the whole year
  2. read books as much as possible
  3. get govt job
  4. Get mastery in hatha yoga and paranayam

I’ve gone from hardly being able to go a week without PMO to passing a month this year.
I’ve had 3 streaks were I passed 21 days so my new years resolution for 2019 is to have at least 6 streaks of 21 days or more.
Good luck everybody
Peace :v:


Wow 55 days is great, I’m happy for you :grin:
There is an app called prana breath that I personally like very much if you want to master pranayama.
Take care my brother and good luck


Great! Very clear goals for next year!

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Thanking you so much Brother . Seeing your message I felt very happy . Keep moving bro

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2018 Failures

  • productive and focussed effort in studies was lacking.
  • still emotionally not very stable

2018 achievement

  • understood my deficiencies and need for taking responsibility.
  • 78 days clean streak. Started working towards a healthy me

2019 resolution

  • giving my full heart and soul in whatever I do, rather than half assing everything.
  • achieving atleast 250 days streak
  • resolve my back pain issue with exercise only and increase fitness

It felt good to write these down. Congo to others also for taking the step and keeping yourself accountable.


Im happy for your achievements and looking forward for your goals!

You’re the first one after me who wrote about their failures.
to be aware of our failures is importnt for future goals, and make us feel good.

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-I did not establish constency with nofap. Mentally I was inconsistent.
-I’ve determined my problem is M not PM.
-My streaks have been short but emotionally they help.

2019 Resolution:
-Give up P completely.
-Build some streaks of staying PMO free.

This has been a struggle because willpower is not the solution but I am figuring this out for myself.

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Cool! You can totally do it

  • 2018 best achievement
    New mindset

-2018 second best achievement
My streak of 318 (I’m still on that streak)

-2018 biggest failure

Sometimes I’ve let myself imagine an image of porn that I viewed a long time ago

-2018 The derailing of my new mindset for a bit

So my, “Biggest Failure” changed my mindset and that lead me to look at people in a different way plus this all let my to look at some unwholesome stuff on Twitter not porn or naked people but it was the start to a decline if I kept doing it

-2019 Is to find my career path


2018: Got rejected by girls 3 times, bad grades, almost no family life, phone addiction, got my exam, started the gym, started NoFap, currently on a 72 days streak.

2019: Full year NoFap and (maybe) get a girlfriend


You an do it!
:smiley_cat::smiley_cat::smiley_cat::smiley_cat::smiley_cat::smiley_cat:cats for 20 characters​:smiley_cat::smiley_cat::smiley_cat::smiley_cat::smiley_cat::smiley_cat:

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• Had many relapses the hole year.
• Got my first highest streak this summer (36 days).
• Convinced my real life friends to try nofap (they failed), and to stop watching porn (they havnt watched porn this month).
• Had many existential crisis.
• Meet new nofap friends.

• Ready to finish december without a relapse and start the new year very great
• Joined a group of 300 days challenge wich is very motivating, want to stand on the grouo without relapsing
• Want to lear sexual transmutation
• Going to restart with parkour (i was very good, but i forgot many movements xD)
• Want to study better
• Want to beat procrastination

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The good: made my longest streak of 35 days
Success in work and school.
The bad:
Did not complete 90 day challenge
Avg days/relapse is low due to binging ( under 3 days for last 10).

2019: nofap goals:
Get 90 day reboot.
Highten my avg day before relapse to 9.

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