[ 20 M ]The Unbreakable journal

Hi , I am new here in this forum. My lack of discipline is one of the main reasons I relapse every day.

I want to divide my activities into Daily discipline, No Fap , Academic activities done, Extra Activities done and Mistakes done so that I can keep track of every aspect of my life in crystal clarity.

I want to keep this diary precise and short as possible so that I don’t want to find this as a burden.

As the title suggests, I want to keep this diary unbreakable as possible. No unrealistic expectations just to keep myself track of everything I do.

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Always Thank God for everything

You remind me of someone .

Anyways welcome to the community .

And all the best for your journey brother.



Regarding discipline - Walking 10 K steps , Meditating 10 minutes and Reading books or newspapers at least 30 minutes is my key habits.

Remaining stuffs done belongs to category of extra activities done.

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Thank you Sholt Peterson :smile:

Currently reached First day of no fap. Will update before sleep.

God knows what I am destined to do today