[20 M] Seif's Journal

[Fri - 5/21/2021] Re: Zero.

I’ve been using ReWire app since a week ago. I really hoping a big change in myself, my personality, my life, with this media, after Him definitely.

So, it’s like restart from zero. I really gaining my caution to myself for it.

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[Thu - 5/27/2021] Back to dorm.

I’ve came back on Tuesday to my dorm. With this moment, I need to rearrange my routines, so I’m not going to relapse…


I got my 5-days [Farmer] badge! This is my highest streak so far, so I’m gonna defend it. It’s hard but I’m looking forward for the 90-days badge!


I’ve just learned some telegram bot settings. Like making some responses to some words…
I need to learn moarr!!


I just watched it. And it makes me hate myself.

July 31st.

I told myself don’t you dare to fap.

Because, something leads me to porn.

And, yeah, I made it again until this point.

[Tue - 8/17/2021] Indonesia’s Independence Day

This morning, right after Fajr prayer, I read one juz of Al-Qur’an. Alhamdulillah.


I woke up at 4 AM and had Tahajjud. Sleep early did make my morning better, because I always sleep late at night or even not sleeping at night. Y’all should try it too.

I… I regret it.

I’m fasting Tasu’a and 'Asyura so I can handle it at the daylight, but I can’t at the night time.