[ 20 M ] Risinglion123 - Self Discipline journal

Today was an absolute garbage tbh.

I want to at least be productive during the remaining part of the day. During the next update on tomorrow, I will be mentioning the productive activities from 8.30 PM to the moment I update here

Always Thank God for everything

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One thing I noticed regarding gaming is that I should not play games that involves progression or competition because I am addicted to such kind of games.

Even sometimes I am addicted to chess because there are higher difficulty levels after every win. In short, its a progressive game.

So I found a game which throws block of numbers which stack up into 1 , when the consecutive number is same. It doesn’t have any level. Just beating the regular higher score.

From now on I am only playing non progressive games like this. Will add that as a part of routine

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Bruh :smiling_face_with_tear:.
Why, you could have done better bro, maybe you are taking new diaries too lightly now :sweat_smile:.
Take care bro, return stronger.


I’ve reached a stage in my life where being strong is the only option. I am hitting one of the lowest points in my life. Its too long to elaborate. So I am forced to start the journey again.


I won’t force myself but I will update here when I feel like doing it


Day 0

Trash as always. Downloaded habitica app which is motivating when it comes to discipline


Yeah be strong dude , there are times where you need to hold yourself and not break . Show your bravery . Rise like a lion