[20 M] My story/looking for companions

Hi guys I’ve been struggling to fight porn addiction since 2015. Ever since I began watching porn when I was about 13 y/o, the longest I went without watching it was 14 days. It is such a severe addiction and it’s affected so much of my life negatively. It messed up my confidence and I have such high social anxiety. I can’t interact with people irl that well due to this.

In the past when I have gone on streaks, I did start noticing changes in my behaviour. I was much happier when I was off porn, I was more confident, I was able to joke around with my mates, etc. I feel this year 2021 really fucked me up. I’m at one of my worst points this year.

My addiction is at one of its highest points and throughout this entire year I havent felt like myself. I’ve been so unconfident, tired and scared of social interaction.

I have to do something about this, I need to take a more active stand against my addiction. I’m going to start posting how I feel and how I’m progressing here now. It would be really helpful to have some companions too.

My code is bwsu7s. Please add me so we can help one another fight this addiction


Hey bro added you. You not alone! Let’s get rid of this :poop: for good!

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